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My cats getting to fat!

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My cat is going to be 3 the 9th and she got spayed in early June. She was always skinny and she is now working up an appitite! I am trying to cut down her food a little but she will meow until she gets food. What can i do???:confused:
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The meowing may not be so much of an "I'm hungry" but rather "I'm bored". Cats will eat for entertainment, just like us. Try playing with her. If she's still meowing after playtime, consider making her work for her food. Hide some under toys, blankets, etc. Make it fun.
Play games with her. You can train cats to jump hoops and roll over and stuff. You need to give her something to do other than eat. Sure, spayed cats will gain a bit of weight. The most important thing is a good quality holistic or raw food and exercise. Get her on some flea meds and take her outside on a harness.
As for working for food, get a slimcat ball (or other puzzle balls). Oliver loves his slimcat. He doesn't take long with it though!! lol
Thank you for responding! I will think about doing that. I really want to bring her outside on a harnass but i really need to find one that fits. She gets really mad when i take her inside though. Im still cutting down her food because she will wait near her food bowl and give you her sad eyes. When i play with her i think of it as making her loose weight! lol
Oh my god my cat does too!! He has a harness and he loves going out but he turns almost feral upon coming in.. He paces and howls and you cannot touch him for hours.
I agree. play with her. Exercise is important.
Lol no, i SPAYED her but i dont spray her.
What are you feeding her for food? Maybe switch her food to an indoor cat food. Indoor cat food is ment to help them have a healty wieght.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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