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My dad bought a puppy

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Hey everyone.. So basically my dad bought a puppy about 2 weeks ago. Its a cocker spaniel and it was at the time 8 weeks old. I dont live at home anymore but I spend some time with the puppy over the weekend and I just noticed that he is incredibly clumsy.. falling over all the time and bumping his head into things. When we were playing with the rope I would tug very softly cause he is just a baby but sometimes he would just loose his footing and fall face first on the floor. So I thought it was just clumsiness from being so young but I just wanted to make sure and ask you guys what you think this is?
All opinions are appreciated :) Thanks!
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sounds like hes just being a puppy :) but if your worried you should bring it up with your dad maybe he could bring him to the vet.
Actually its one of the best parts about having a puppy! When Spyro was that age, he would zoom through the house with his brother and slide on our laminate floor lol. Oh cockers...they tend to have a bunch of ear problems so make sure you start on ear care early.
Sounds not so serious but if you notice he is acting weird, maybe a vet check on his eyes or related gives better answer.
Hello Rom

I am really happy to you, Are you enjoyed with your puppy. It's really nice. He is so young so please take care little bite.

Thanks !!!
Yes, I agree... sounds like a typical puppy to me!!
He just sounds like. Healthy, silly puppy to me. :)
most dogs and puppy's like a cocker spaniel get a lot of hair between thier paws. It will take him time, but....he will get use to it and learn how to nevagate better with the tracktion interferance on his paws.
That was sooo cute. I still remember when my Peach was a little cutie (he is still cute now), when we played and there was never a dull moment. Just by looking at him feels so good as he is so cute. I guess your pup is just doing what a puppy usually do but if it is over the normal clumsiness, you should consult a vet. Nonetheless, I think that is just normal and it is cute!
that is very common for this age of a puppy and this sounds natural to me. and if you are concerned about your puppy then you could visit a vet for him.
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