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My Dwarf Seahorses

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I have 5 dwarf seahorses with 6 more on the way in a 5 gallon aquarium with 2 peppermint shrimp, 1 snail, and 3 hermit crabs. Will post pictures as soon as my post count is 5 :/ lol
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I can't wait to see them! Post count needs to be 20 before you can show pics :)
Shoot I wish it could be five, defnitley sounds interesting. Like to see the pics. :)
Oh no! I better get active and find some threads to provide input to :p lol
Hurray! I can post pictures now! :D tee-hee

My tank

My brine shrimp setup

And my little horses :)
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that is just about the coolest thing ever. Are they like the size of a grain of rice or what? I can't tell O.O
lol they're awesome!!! how small are they?? You can't even see them in the tank pic!! :p The tank looks neat too, nice for a room.
Very nice...dwarves are some of my favourites. Been a while since I have had an ongoing artemia hatchery, although I have 4-5 in storage. On chap I knew that spawned his seahorses cleverly ran his nauplii through an IV drip system to constantly feed his babies.
Ah.. the reason you can't see them in the tank is because I took the picture before I got them. Their tank now looks kinda funky with the odd arrangement of decor to get the water circulating enough to move the water but slow enough to let the seahorses do their thing. They are about 1-2 inches :)
hehe yeah - I found a good picture representing their size


Oh and I get the 6 new ones tomorrow! So excited to add to my family :D
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omg!! So I was over estimating their size then!! holy small!!! I'd die to have them (or at least see them in person!!)
Are they a natural species? I know seahorses are small but these guys, were they man made??
Yep they are natural. They live in the gulf coast :) Oh and I have more pictures :) I got 6 more today:

Now how many seahorses are in this picture? :D I get to play this game daily during their feeding :p hehe

They are extremely social. Everyone wants to know what everyone else is up too. And the filter. For some reason they all want to investigate the filter. lol
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Aw!! lol!! They look funny swimming ^^ A video of feeding time would be awesome Cynster! If that's not possible it's okay.
love the setup man if may ask a question what kind of plant is that in there? Also how much are Dwarf Seahorses I have never seen any around before only in pics from books and Internet.
I'm not exactly sure what the plant is - it's some type of macroalgae. Dwarfs are about $10 each, give or take a few dollars and depending on whether they are wild caught or captive bred. Most seahorse keepers suggest captive bred over wild caught. The only captive bred source I know of for some reason hasn't processed my brine enrichment order and it's been like a month so I went with the wild caught.

I would love to take a video of them but I'd need a nice video camera. The only reason the pictures look like they do is because I have a DSLR camera. My phone too lousy pictures too blurry to see, and I think the video would be the same. Maybe I could convince my mom to borrow her HD camera :)
Today the first male has done a courting dance for one of the females. I am going to document which females are pairing with which males to avoid any inbreeding with the babies. The plan is to remove the parents once the babies are sexually mature.

I have a second 6 gallon tank (with TONS of risky hitch hikers) that I am cycling now. I'm going to capture my bristleworm somehow and remove it from that tank (the thing is huge). It will be for the parents (it's going to be a fantastic reef display tank) and then my 5 I've got going now will be for the babies, so I can keep paired seahorses without worrying about them mating with their children. Each pair will only be allowed one sex of children. I'm thinking I'm going to keep only males from the first pair, for instance.

Now this all assumes I can keep track of the pairs. I did document the male's attempt with this female, even though nothing happened from it (she was too interested in food). And the females are the ones that can look SO alike. But I'll upload a picture of the cute courting couple later today :) You can see how he is displaying his belly. And his color has changed! I'll show a before and after picture :)
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Wow!! Fascinating ^^ I can't wait to see! The idea of even smaller seahorses freaks me out tbh. (in a good way)
Here is is. This morning with the yellow female, this evening with the pink female (my favorite) being snubbed by both lol

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