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My First Male, A Mouse named Deska.

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So I have been planning on getting a mouse for some time now.
Today I went to the petstore to get some supplies and they always always have only three colored mice, Black, Agouti, and Albino. Well in the male cage they finally had a silvery/blue mouse! I just had to get him.
He is my first male. I have had many many mice but all were female.
He is young and fearful but very sweet.
Here are some pictures I took from my phone. The batteries were dead in my camera. I am charging them now so I can get photos of him in the morning. :)

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aww what a cutie congrads :)
Thanks. :)
Hopefully I can get some better pictures tomorrow so everyone can see his unique color.
He is adorable! I love his ears. Such a cutie pie! Poor baby looks so timid. I am sure it is a scary time for him being in a new place. Are you going to get him a friend? Mice are very social and need buddies to sleep/groom and play with.
He is skittish but cute. I tried to give him some lettuce and he sat up smelling me from afar then ran and hid under his wheel.
I was told that males should be alone...right?
Ah good question. Can anyone on the forum answer that? Are male mice supposed to be alone? I just assumed since mice are so social that it does not matter if it is a female or male, that both sexes need company. Am I mistaken? Anyone know?
Well I have heard from many people that males will suddenly start fighting and can kill eachother.
I know females need to be together as I have had many females.
They are not like rats. I have heard female rats can be together and male rats can be together.
males need housed alone its too risky to neuter a mouse. He is a lovely little guy I love mice :D If you need help with a new cage I can help
I got to hold Deska today. I tried to get some pictures of him. They are blurry but they are the best I could do right now. lol

When I first picked him up he sat there for a bit then walked up my chest onto my shoulder and looked around and sniffed my neck. lol
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Beautiful little one. I love mice so much. mice should be like hams where you can get medium or normal lol baby rat is a good size for a mouse lol
A giant mouse would be cool. lol
Aw he's cute!!

I've reared many many mice in my younger days. Males can live together if brought up before their adoloescence. I mean, intros are a pain but can be successful. I've had cages with 3 males for their entire life spans. Of course there were spats but same with rats, as they re-establish themselves. I had an albino, pie bald ad agouti in one cage!! (almost exactly what you seen) :D

It is untrue that they will end up killing each other. I mean, stick 2 solo adult males together and they might seriously harm one which dies of its injuries but if Deska is still young it might be okay to introduce him to another very young male.
I am not sure how old he is. I am assuming his is only a few months old, because he is kinda small and I got him at a petstore that normally sells young ones.
iv never had good experience with male mice living togethier even ones that grew up togethier from the same littre. but if u do choose to get him a little friend i would like to wish u good luck with intros.
I had a litter of males that killed and ate eat other even when given proper food and housing I would not try it but thats just me
I do not want to try introducing him to another male. I have heard too many horror stories and I think I will play it safe. :)
I got some new photos of him today.
I have been trying to hold him everyday for a short time so he can get used to me. So far he is still very skittish. He has not attempted to bite me or jump off of my hand or anything but he does squeak in fear when I go to pick him up. And if I hold him for more than a few minutes he started running up and down my arm very quickly.
Also, I have yet to find a treat he likes. He hates seeds, he hates nuts, he hates leafy veggies. I will keep trying. lol

I hope these photos will help guess his color. :)
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He is adorable :) The lighting makes it hard to tell though
Yeah, some of the photos have a yellow/orange tint.
Ideas for Treats?

He is such a cutie! I love his sweet!

I came up with a short list of treats my rat boys used to love, although I know all animals are very individualistic with their likes and dislikes, but I thought you might like a list of things to try that Deska might like?

Plain Cheerios
baby food (my boys loved squash, and green peas)
frozen carrots and peas
wheat bread pieces
dry pasta pieces (like corkscrew or tube pasta, etc)
banana slices
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