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My First Male, A Mouse named Deska.

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So I have been planning on getting a mouse for some time now.
Today I went to the petstore to get some supplies and they always always have only three colored mice, Black, Agouti, and Albino. Well in the male cage they finally had a silvery/blue mouse! I just had to get him.
He is my first male. I have had many many mice but all were female.
He is young and fearful but very sweet.
Here are some pictures I took from my phone. The batteries were dead in my camera. I am charging them now so I can get photos of him in the morning. :)

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So I have a question.
I would like to move Deska from his smallish wire cage to a larger bin.
The wire bar spacing in almost half an inch. I have used this cage before for mice and they have never gotten out or even their head stuck or anything like that.
So I would be drilling holes into the bin for ventlation and the holes would also be half an inch.
My question is, do you think he can get stuck in them? Since they are circles and not bar spacing even though they are the same spacing?
And do you think he will be able to easily chew them bigger? (though I do not think he will even be able to reach the holes)
No but he can chew out. My giorl sofi did this. Just get hardware cloth.
What a change! It seems overnight he is so much better.

I cleaned his cage today and when I went to get him out he did not squeak or run away. And he sat on my shoulder the whole time I cleaned his cage.
Also when I put him back in he did not run to hide but instead looked around at the new things. I gave him some lettuce afterwards.
And I have finally found a treat he likes! Uncooked pasta. I was making pasta so I thought to give him one and he has been chewing on it nonstop. lol
He also has been, for the first time, moving stuff around and shredding his toilet paper roll. :)
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Aww, that is great news! I figured with enough patience and love and some time to get used to you and his new surroundings, he would relax and start to enjoy you and his new home. Sounds like he is settling in and doing great! He is SUCH a cutie too. And you found a snack he likes! Usually just a trial and error thing with snacks, since all mice, rats (and animals in general) have their own favorite treats. Uncooked pasta is a healthy snack too. Looking forward to more pictures! :yes:
I will try to get pictures of him, if he ever stops moving long enough for me to take any. lol
I have had many mice and so far each one had it's own favorite treat that the others did not like. He is my first to like pasta. :)
Such nice pics :) (*ahem*) even the ghoulies one :p
I know people call male rat testicles goolies. . I thought it was the same for mice :p
I know people call male rat testicles goolies. . I thought it was the same for mice :p
Oh, I have never heard that term before. lol

Those pictures were an attempt to get his coat color. :)
I just moved Deska into his new 10 gallon setup. I will be getting some more toys for him within the next few days.
Some of the pictures are blurry but they are better than most.
He is so much more friendly in the 10 gallon. :)

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Could you make him a well ventilated bin cage? A ten gallon is a bit small even for one mouse even though many recommend it for three :(
Awww, Deska is beautiful! And he looks like he is having a lot of fun, keeping busy with his tissue and paper rolls! What a sweetheart, and I love his ears! Deska is a cutie pie for sure. Glad he is enjoying his new home!
Awww, so small and cute :) I love Deska (and I love his name too :))
I had my 2 male mice, Bones and Zeke, neutered a year ago and they live with 3-4 females each, and have done great. They cannot, however, be together, even after neutering, and even though they are brothers, as they fight.
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