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Good about the toilet paper, she'll appreciate that for when the little ones come.

As for the wheel, i'm not sure- sometimes they move their nest until they are satisfied. I'm not sure whether having the wheel in the cage when the pups are born is good or not. Hopefully someone can clarify that.

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remove her wheel the day before you expect her to have the babies so she can focus and it is not good for the babies to have the wheel while they are still blind

As for pregnancy basics

- DO NOT touch the babies
- Leave the mommy alone
- try to keep the room quiet
- feed high protein foods once to twice a week
- do not limit fatty foods let her eat as much of whatever so wants
- give lots of tp for nesting
- DO NOT clean the cage for at least two weeks or until she is ok with you touching her babies
- remove the wheel
- If she is in anything smaller than a 20 long upgrade her when you clean the cage
- seperate genders at 5 weeks for syrians 4 for dwarfs girls with mommy boys in another cage
- Depending on species you can either rehome in pairs or rehome a single hamster to each family
- give her LOTS of Tp
- Give her LOTS of places to hide
- Feed her more
- clean the cage a few days before you expect her to give birth
- If you are using pine change to a different bedding
- Limit mommy's out time

Also what food are you feeding? I would do Mazuri for syrians Hazel hamster for WW and siberian / Russian

And you can start feeding veggies that are not high in water at this point its good for the mommy especially

If you have any questions feel free to contact me

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Some great tips above, just want to add a few things:

Another reason it's important to remove the wheel is because the pups can get stuck in the wheel without mama noticing, and if she starts running ... well, that's not going to end well for poor baby.

Do not try to watch the birthing process. Yes, it's fascinating, but it can really put a lot of strain on the mother. Ideally, a day before you expect her to give birth you should move her to a dark and quiet room where she can give birth and look after the pups in peace, for a week or two.

Good high protein foods include poultry, tofu, boiled eggs, bread dipped in milk and kibble. Refrain from feeding unhealthy fatty/sugary foods, as you would normally.

Remove the father, if you have not already, as they can mate again straight after birth and this really isn't healthy.

You don't necessarily have to limit the amount of time you get her out for, just don't play with her if she really doesn't seem keen. It will cause unnecessary stress for mama.
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