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My horses

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Ah, I love Andalusians, and have done for a while, my mum ABSOLUTELY loves them, so we were searching around for one, and after looking at one on majestic andalusians for a bit, we found one we fell in love with. His name is Puntal V, but we named him Luca for a stable name. He's 6 years old, and he's an Andalusian Stallion.

A year later, and we rescued 2 Andalusians from a farm near us, a mare and foal. Fenda (the mare) and her filly (that is now named Breeze, which is her stable name, Fantasia is her registered name) Fenda is still putting on weight, she's not broken in yet, but I will work on that when her back bone is covered a bit more.

I have lot's of photo's, but I guess I will only post a few.

I also have 3 other horses.

Gypsy (Registered name: Gypsy Dancer) and her Filly (She's about 9 weeks old now, and offspring of Puntal V) Gypsy is a Cob X TB and Rain is a part bred Andalusian.

Chase (Chaseford Charisma) is a Welsh cob X Arab mare and she was rescued along with Gypsy, both totally emaciated. They have made a huge difference, and are the most beautiful, well behaved horses I know. I only got them for £250 each. Now they are worth around £5,000 and more.

Fenda is in foal, and are also going to try Chase again (She doesn't like Luca :/) And, we might be getting another Andalusian Stallion, a bay, around 16+hh. We run a small stud farm called Tralissa Andalusians (Mine and my mums name put together)

Not all photo's I have are posted here, there are some here too NiNo Photography (New photo's added!) and their all up to page 9.

Name: Puntal V
Stable Name: Luca
Age: 6
Breed: Andalusian
Sex: Stallion
Height: 16.hh
Colour: Grey
Personality: Sweet and friendly horse, very funny. Loves being fussed with, and loves spending time with his best friend Willow. Some days he and Willow don't get on, but he makes sure that Willow know's when he's not in a good mood.

Name: Willow (We need to give him a little show name)
Stable Name: Willow
Age: 1
Breed: Miniature Pony
Sex: Stallion
Height: (Not sure)
Colour: Black and white (Piebald)
Personality: Loves to terrorise Luca, bites and tries to kick people. He's not really a people horse, he has no manners and loves food. We don't get along at all, so I think we are going to get him castrated, as he is getting worse to handle.

Name: Gypsy Dancer
Stable Name: Gypsy
Age: 6
Breed: Cob x 7/6th's Thoroughbred
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.3hh
Colour: Skewbald (Brown, Black and White)
Personality: The friendliest horse you could ever meet, really kind sweet natured horse, she's never apart from her best friend Chase, they have been together all their life.

Name: Esperanza
Stable Name: Raine
Age:9 weeks old (Around that anyway)
Breed: Cob x Andalusian
Sex: Filly
Height: Won't know until she's older, but will make over 15hh, she's a big girl right now.
Colour: She came out like a dun, then went bay, now she's going grey.
Personality: Raine is a very friendly, and forward going foal. She absolutely loves attention, and is very playful.

Name: Chaseford Charisma
Stable Name: Chase
Age: 10
Breed: Welsh cob, part Arab
Sex: Mare
Height: 14.2hh
Colour: Orange Bay
Personality: Totally nuts. Chases people, love's to jump. Is friendly with people she knows. Very protective of Gypsy, goes mental if Gypsy isn't there. Loves to flirt with the horses in the field next to her.

Name: Fenda
Stable Name: Fenda
Age: 10
Breed: Andalusian
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.3hh
Colour: White (Well, grey... As there is no such thing as a white horse)
Personality: Very very friendly, very quiet, has never been broken in, she is a brood mare and has bred a foal every year. Loves to be groomed and is slowy making friends with Gypsy and Chase.

Name: Fantasia
Stable Name: Breeze
Age: 9 Months
Breed: Andalusian
Sex: Mare
Height: 13.2hh and still growing!
Colour: Black, but is starting to turn grey.
Personality: Bubbly, loves to play with Fenda, loves Chase and is getting along ok with Gypsy. She has become attatched to Chase, so is slowy leaving Fenda. She loves to jump already, the highest she has jumped is 3ft. (She jumped the stable door while I was taking pictures of Fenda in the paddock)

Puntal V

These pictures were taken in Spain for us.

This is Fantasia (Breeze)

This is Fenda

This is Willow (The miniature stallion)

This is Gypsy and Raine (Gypsy Dancer and Esperanza)

In the snow

Chase (Chaseford Charisma)

Right, this is Chase when I first had her. The person holding her was my mum, and so I had to block her out.

This is Gypsy, she was 2 when I first had her, and already broken in, silly people...

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Wow... You have so many beautiful horses!! And Id give anything to just have one lol! They look really happy. :) Welcome to PT!
They are so beautiful! I have 4 Reg. Quarter Horse mares and a belgium mare and a draftmule gelding.
Thanks everyone :)

Shadows Gold - Sounds cool, I have never really thought of a show name for him. I am still hoping to sell him, because he's such a pain. But he's best friends with Luca, and when they are seperated, Luca goes totally nuts.

I wanted to use him for Stud, but my mum doesn't want me too O.O He's such a pretty boy that I think with a nice looking mare, he'd have a lovely foal.

Not many people around here have miniatures though :/

I also do photography, it can all be found here - NiNo Photography (New photo's added!)
He is a pretty lil boy! I'd be interested but I already have a stud for my farm. Here he is...

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So many beautiful horses! And your photography is excellent! Those first few pictures I looked at that you posted were just breathtaking! Did I read that you rescued them? They look so beautiful now, it looks like you have done such a beautiful job with them, what was wrong with them, do you mind me asking?
So many beautiful horses! And your photography is excellent! Those first few pictures I looked at that you posted were just breathtaking! Did I read that you rescued them? They look so beautiful now, it looks like you have done such a beautiful job with them, what was wrong with them, do you mind me asking?
Aww, thankyou very much :)

I had always wanted a horse, and my mum and dad started looking for one when we moved to our farm, I didn't know, and everyone else did.

Well, my dad was in work, doing a job, and on his way home he saw a man walking down the road, and he started to wave his hands at my dad. So my dad had pulled over, and asked him what was wrong. And he had told my dad about 2 horses being stood in a stable for ages. It was just by luck really. So my dad called up my mum, and then they went to look at these 2 horses with that man, he told them that he knows the people who owned the 2 horses, and that they were selling them. My mum and dad went and peered their head over the stable door. It was over 2 ft deep of horse manure, their hooves were long and they were all matted and lifeless. They didn't even know that Gypsy was a coloured. They had no food or water, and they were in a stable in the garden, that didn't even have a blade of grass. They were just a bag of bones (The picture doesn't really show how they really looked in the flesh, they were much worse)

Well, my mum and dad bought them for £250 each, which is really cheap. Gypsy was 1 years old, and Chase was 4 years old. So young, and had a horrible life. They were so weak, that they just walked into the trailer.

Well, I saw a trailer coming down the drive and got excited, and my dad called me out. I was so stunned when they came out, I didn't care that they looked really bad and like donkeys (as some people said) I just hugged them and gave them a big fuss.

My mum came home later, and she came and helped me feed them some grass. They drank a full bucket of water because they were that thirsty. We gave them a bath and put them out in the field (They were ok, I know you shouldn't really put them straight out, but we had no stables, and we needed to get them away from where they were) They were fine though, no problems at all, and they had 2 feeds a day, lots of grooming to get rid of the matted fur.

Their now worth over £5,000 each.

Anyway, that's about it. I would type it out in more detail, but I havn't got time.

Fenda and Breeze we had rescued because their owners were splitting up, and couldn't afford to feed them, and they were so skinny (Fenda is still putting on weight) But their doing fine now, and I love them both to bits.

I rescued Willow from a Gipsy at a horse fair. He was only a few months old. But he was kept in a mucky horse trailer with no food, and he was being prodded and jumped on by gipsy kids. So I just gave the guy £170 for him, alot I know, but he wouldn't take any less. He's ok now, but I'm still thinking of selling him, because he's annoying Luca alot.

Right, I better go, the fields flooded so the horses havn't been out. I need to go get them ready for bed (Haha) They get a huge haynet, a nice warm fluffy bed, 2 huge buckets of clean water, a big feed and a nice apple, a hug and a kiss on the nose.

Spoilt rotten O.O
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They are stunning! Very,very beautiful horses.
Gorgeous, gorgeous animals! Very amazing!
They are GORGEOUS, so pretty, especially the first one. You are a very lucky person to have such beautiful animals.
Nino, Your Horses are Beautiful!

NiNo, Hi! I am new to posting here and wanted to say hello and tell you that you have the most beautiful horses!!!! Somehow, I am getting some of your posts though, I'm not sure what I did, but I think it's because I told another member if they wanted to see my horses pictures they could see them if they went to look them up under My Horses and it is really under "Here's My Pictures of My Horses". My horses are not anywhere close to being as beautiful as yours! Wow! Yours are incredible!!! I am so sorry for the mixup. I am trying to redirect your messages for you. Like I said, I am new to this and I knew I was going to goof up somewhere. I am sorry. I will get the hang of this! Isn't this a great forum? I can't wait to get to spend more time on it. I would like to talk more about horses! There is so much I need and want to learn. Have a great day! Oh, and again, I am so sorry for the mixup. :wavey:
It's alright, no problem :) Thanks very much :)

Yeah, I have to get used to this forum, I'm not used to the posts having to be accepted by a mod first, it's just weird :/ Hehe, I think it's to stop spamming and stuff.
Yes,it is to stop spamming and bots.Your first 10 are moderated.
Wow, that is quite the story about how you got the horses! You are a very special person to take them in and care for them the way you have - I think you are wonderful. I don't understand how anyone can mistreat any animal that way. The horses are lucky to have you and your family. They are beautiful now!!!
They are beautiful! The before and after pics are amazing!
beautiful horses you have indeed
Thankyou very much :)

The way things are going at the moment, it seems we are going to end up with 12 more in a few weeks.

So we have to get a field sorted out to stick them in.

I couldn't let 12 horses get put to sleep :( So their coming home with me.

If and when I get them, I will get pictures :)

And, we had a woman come and look at Willow today, her son was really good looking, so I was like "Wow..." Hmm... Maybe we could be friends if they do decide to buy him.

Right, I best be off to see to the stables.

Thankyou all, for your very kind comments :)
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