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My How Time Flies...

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15 years ago today I gave birth to the most beautiful, perfect pink little girl, I can close my eyes and still smell her sweet baby smell, or feel her curled up in my arms. It seems like just yesterday she was curled up next to me in bed with a book...Today is my daughters (Ashley) birthday, she is 15 and still amazingly beautiful, swweet, smart and well just perfect :) I wanted to just takke a moment to wish her a happy birthday...I love you so much baby girl, I hope your birthday was as amazing for you as it was for me :) I am just so far beyond proud of you...

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Aw that's so sweet! She's beautiful :heart:
Thank you...I think the hardest part of being a parent is not so much watching them grow up, but knowing as they grow that soon they will leave the nest, I am dreading that day
Yeah, me to and I don't have kids yet...
Happy birthday to her!
Haha, my parents just cant wait to kick me out...
Happy birthday Ashley!
thank you all :) Ashley had anice family party and then hung out with her friends...funny how crazy I get each year, makes me cry big time lol...I love the person she is and still becoming, but I hate that as she gets older she doesn't depend on me like before lol I know I am all sappy and goofy, but darn it I miss her being my baby girl, now shes a 15 year old young woman with strong opinions and the eye rolling thing that only teens can do lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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