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My little buddies

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What are their names?
Dee and Dum my kids named them after watching Alice and wonderland
They are adorable!! :D
What beautiful boys! So precious! Which one is Dee and which is Dum? They have such gorgeous faces. Love em! Thanks for posting those!
the black one is Dee and the white one is Dum, i dont know how old they are cause i got them from a feeding tank but i had them for a year already
Well, I am always so happy to hear when kind people rescue ratties from feeding tanks, so good for you!! I am glad they get a second chance at having a happy ratty life. :wavey:
im trying to get some more but the ret store i got them from closed down and the only other place i know around where im from is petsmart and they get rats in quite a bit but they are always reserved i put my name down for some dumbo rats but i got deployed so i have to wait till i go back home
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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