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Hello, I fell in love with a little long-haired white peach buck, about 5 weeks old. He is just the sweetest, outfitted with two large critter trails with many add-ons. Healthy, happy, So, he seems to want out a lot, (climb the cage by the door, I then open it, he has trained me well, lol). He's allowed to explore within my leg- area lol. Then he'll climb on me and nuzzles on my neck and demand to be petted. All of these are wonderful problems to have, however it really is a lot! I have the benefit of working from home; he wants out 3-4xs during the day!! Is this normal? I have mouse birth control so I could get him a lady friend if needed.... some insight would be great. Pic attached of Herbie (aka, Peaches and Herb) with my Golden, she thinks she is his momma,
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