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My llamas

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This is Jenks Dandelion (the brown one& the momma) And Dandelion's Lilly Bud (Her 7 month old Baby)

And them again

And thats the last one. Both of them are extremely friendly and I have a headstart group that comes up here every year and visit all the animals. :D
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They are really cute! I have always loved llamas,but they are not common around Newfoundland and I have never seen one in person.
They are wonderful animals. Their not very common around here either. But I knew some people that had 4 they wanted to sale and I bout them and just ended up keeping Dandelion (the mom) and she was bred and had a little black boy first and I rehomed him because i didnt want them to inbreed and then I bred her to a friends llama and I got Lilly and I will be keeping them both. I love them so much
aww! I love llamas. There is none in Illinois, just well the zoo!

:llama:Here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little llama, fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama, llama, duck.:llama:​
How cute. I see llamas fairly frequently around here, they always seem so sweet and gentle. Yours are very pretty.
I love them!!! I think we need more pics. :D
i don't know much about llamas but have seen them quite often... they are cute... can you ride a llama?
They are pack animals. They can hold up to 140 lbs. So I lead the kids around on Dandelion (The Mom) But Lilly is still to small to carry much weight. They have packs that you put over their back and you can take them hiking with you. I haven't taken them any this year because Lilly is still learning to lead. She is still kinda "iffy" about the whole leading thing but is getting better.
wow thats cool great pics.
sweet llamas!!! :D when i was younger i rode my gma's neighbor's llamas alot ... they were fun and super nice! :D
aww they are such cute guys
Thanks again everyone!
I just love llamas! They are so cute! Is it true that llamas spit? If so, what causes them to do so? Do they do this if they are mad at you? I know that my horse that I was leasing this last year was terrified of llamas when we tried to go past them in a pasture, it is their scent. I wonder why this is. Anyway, thanks for sharing your pictures!
The only time they spit is if they feel threatened(sp?) and sometimes they spit at eachother. Thats the great thing about having different types of animals.. I don't think my horses are scared of anything lol
awww they're gorgeous!
Llamas are cool animals we have some at the place I ride at but they are scaredy cats! They run away from you if you approach them! lol
I love llamas! Do they ever spit at you? I was spit on once. Yucky!
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