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I agree that hamsters shouldn't be "sweating". DO NOT put mystery powder on her!!!! If you need something to keep her dry and she might find fun, buy sand or hamster litter (PLZ elli I forget the name of the stuff that's safe for hamsters to be getting dust bath type things in!!) your long haired syrian might have gotten pee on her and she might just be ssuuuupppeeerrr stressed from how you handled her when you got home. Every new pet needs to be acclimated gradually to their new home life. You should have had her cage set up before bringing her home then left her alone for a couple days. Anyway, what odds now, leave her alone after making a couple changes....

What is her bed made of? Those plastic shells which close are no good because they do not allow for ventilation and once hammy makes his bed in there they eat and pee in there causing vapours from the ammonia to catch and linger. I've had problems with my old long haired hamster in this way before changing it. It would appear he was "sweating" but actually he had just been rubbing his fur in his pee soaked bed and gave himself tangled fur.

So, what ever she sleeps in, make sure its well ventilated. The cage should be as well. Stress is probably a factor in making her wet, since she is not bathing herself.

Boxo, crittercare, yesterday's news, and aspen are all fine litter products.
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