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My oldest rat is approaching his end....

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I'm currently embracing my first rat, and I think this is his last night.Over the last months he has slowed down and slept more, but was overall healthy and happy. A week ago he was his usual self, but within a very short period when next held him he had a lump twice the size of his head and his eyes had become grey and and hazy. He is 2 years 3 months and I new this day was coming, but I didn't think it would end like this :(. I wanted him to go peacefully in his sleep, but now I have to watch him suffer. My stepfather arranged for him to be pts Monday, so he would not suffer longer but I believe we were too late for that.
He no longer accepts the mushed food and water I have attempted to give him wth a syringe, I can feel him giving up in my arms. I raised him from a blind pup until now and it is torture watching my baby go like this. He is is gazing up at me with a look like he's saying "Momma don't be sad." and now he has curled up in the crook of my leg. I hold him now so I can comfort him until he passes on and I can't stop the tears, this is so hard I just needed someplace to place my emotions while I wait this out.
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Our hearts are with you two on this journey. <3
Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. <3
Not a problem. :) Happy to lend as much comfort as I can.
You are welcome here.. this is a great place to let out emotion... Your story made me cry... I hope he goes peacefully from here on out. Our thoughts are with you.

All our love...
He's passed now, at 2:53 am he went in my arms and now I can't stop crying. Thank you, to all who give me there support and love for my beloved Bion who has left this physical world.
Shadiela, we here on the forum all understand how very painful it is to lose one of your babies. The tears seem like they will never stop and it is a horrible thing to go through, because of how much we all love our ratty and mouse babies. You got to be with Bion up until he passed and I know that was comforting for him. Now you can at least know that he is no longer suffering or in pain. And you are not alone with your emotions. We understand how hard this is. Maybe later, when you can manage, you can post a photo and some words about Bion, to share him with us. I am sure Bion is looking down at you and smiling with love for you. Please take care and come see us again on the forum.
Thank you for your kind words, at the moment I am working on a memorial vid which I will post when it is ready.
He went where he wanted to go. He could've held on until Monday, but he wanted to leave this life with you holding him or near him.

I am sorry for your loss, but he went surrounded by your love, it couldn't have been any better for him. ((hugs))
Great post Lilspaz, so very true.
Thank you Lilspaz your words bring me great comfort. ((hugs))
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