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My pet rat is limping!

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i have 2 pet rats that i love so much. i was playing with one of them this morning and noticed one of them, Primrose, was not walking on her back right leg! i didn't notice any swelling. this is the first time she's been like this. and she also doesn't usually bite me but she bit me very hard this time when i tried to examine her. i don't want to hurt her but i cant just let her sit there and be hurting. she has also started squeaking more often; usually when i pet her. any tips?
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Id take the poor baby to the vet, Im not sure what they could do but she sounds like shes in pain :( . I hope she has a quick recovery.

On a side note did prim rose come from hunger games because of katniss sister being named prim after the prim rose ? Either way I love the name :D

Good luck
yes:) she is named after that:D thank you for the advice! i'll try to get her to the vet ASAP!:)
I would also watch he for a couple of days. And examine the cage or whatever they are in and check for something that she got her foot caught in because I had a degu with the same problem. And if you have a multi level cage for them she could have jumped off it. Because thats what happen to my little guy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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