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my poor kitty :(

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hello again,
well here is the problem we are now facing... our kitty was recently hit by a car :( she was only 3 and was the runt of the litter when we got her we had to take it in shifts for the first week or so of owning her because she was so small and weak to make sure she ate and drank etc.... she is very missed very much...
but heres the thing... the night it all happend one of the neighbours hit her with their car they were apparently going way too fast for the road and although this could happen anywhere and to anyone as i am well was the attitude that was used in this situation that still bothers me...
the neighbors that hit her first of all continued driving and after being chased down by another neighbour who witnissed the whole thing happen and explained to about what they had done... they replied with "yeh so, its just a stupid cat...get another one"
this 1 line has stuck with me for a long time and i have found myself asking are these people really heartless as i believe or are they right should you not get so upset about a pet?
i felt like a child had passed when she was gone it still feels a little empty... is this being too attached to your pet?
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Don't listen to a**holes like that. A lot of people don't like cats - and fail to sympathize with the loss of one.

It's perfectly normal to feel like she was your child. :) A lot of people feel that way about their pets.
Mourning your lost little friend is a sign that you are a decent person with a heart!
I'm very sorry for the bad experience and especially for losing your kitty. (hugs)
My husband and I are still mourning Lucky & Quinnie. No two cats are exactly alike, and it really leaves an emptiness in your heart and home.
i just lost my lizard but i also had a cat i found near my house it was so young it couldnt see i raised for a couple months afterward and when it would come down stairs it would cry and cry until i said grizzly then it would come running and jump on my bed and it was only a babe at that time i think it was a bob cat or something it didnt have a tail and it was the best cat i have ever seen then my mom made me give it away, but we gave the wrong cat away should have gave my sisters away hers was not even litter trained and it was older i wish i still had him:(
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