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My poor little Leopard Gecko jumped from my & landed on my hard floor! :[

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Her name is Duckie (yupyupyup!) & I'm very worried about her. She jumped from my hand as I was showing my grandmother how she had shed & I had almost caught her but she's so squirmy about being held onto & landed hard on the hard wood floor. She squealed back & forth for what seemed forever when it was really like 4 seconds. Oh my goodness, I freaked out. It was all my fault. I picked her up after she stopped screaming. At first her back legs were jutted back & not moving & then underneath her near her privates was sticking out/bubbled I'm freaking out to my mom about to cry like ****, thinking her insides were all messed up or displaced or hanging out.... but my mom took her to her tank..but then all she did was pooped..... then she said she looked fine. ugh. I hope she's okay. I looked up a few things people have said on forums with the same things happening to them & their gecko & they either turned out find, had to take them to a specialist because their gecko stopped eating & was hiding a lot & all. I'm so worried. Any suggestions on extra care besides looking after her?
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