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[FONT=&quot]Our poor Chunk has been diagnosed with kidney disease. (Also a heart murmur and anemia, though the doctor didn't prescribe anything for these 2 conditions). 33 lb Boston is now down to 25.. He was a little too fat, hence the name Chunk. He was found as a stray and lived at the shelter for 2 weeks before we rescued him. We have had him for a year and a half now. Doctor said he is probably closer to 10 yrs than the 6 that we were told by the shelter.[/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot]We obviously noticed the weight loss, but other than that he seemed fine..until one day he took the steps very sloooooly. I already had an appt for later in the week, but took him in that day. They gave him SQ fluids which perked him up, and he came home and ate a whole bowl of food. (KD low protein) We were ecstatic! We are to continue the fluids at home, as needed, but I'm not crazy about sticking needles into the little guy, so he will have to wait for daddy to get home. So far we have had to do it every 3 days. Our only sign is he gets very shaky. He is NOT urinating excessively, and not throwing up. Should I take those as good signs? He does seem very lethargic, but then again, sleeping is what dogs seem to do best! He even gave me his bulging "bug eye" look when I offered him filet mignon. [/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot]It is so scary every time he snorts, grunts or pants, but I guess he has always done that and I am being overly sensitive. Doctor assured us it is not painful, and don't baby him. Continue his walks, etc.. but we do carry him up the stairs. It hurts to see him take them so slowly, knowing the way he used to bound up them because it always meant a treat was coming! Would love to hear from other dog lovers that have had to deal with this. I want to be assured I am doing the right thing. Thanks[/FONT]
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