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My Rabbit wont eat or drink

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I have problem here... my Rabbit he was 9 months old if im not mistaken... recently he wont eat and drink.. but he is actively jumping and running around in his cage without any signs of sickness..

Im worried... so i use syringe and put water to his mouth... he took it tho but still if i leave him in his cage he wont drink or eat hay/pellets taht i have provided..

And this afternoon.. i let him free to run at my garden... he running n jumping around and for the first time i saw him eating the grass at the garden and poops ... but still when i put him back in the cage he wont eat or drink... now i have to syringe water to his mouth manually...

what is wrong with him? i just lost my rabbit due to this symptoms? but that rabbit is not aggressive.. she just sit at the corner of her cage and the next day she died .. RIP Stardust.. we'll always miss you :(
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If he's pooping and active than I'd guess he's probably eating something. Is there any chance he could be eating/drinking when you're not looking and you just don't notice?

Foods like greens and fresh grass have a lot of water in them. If he's eating a lot of grass in the yard, he may not need/want much other food or water.

Keep a close eye on him. If he stops pooping or starts to act any differently I'd get him into the vet.
he is active and he is pooping only after eating the grass from the field.. that is what i notice...

the pooping is kinda small tho from what i notice... he is super active and still kicking... thats what im notice...

and as for the food and drink i dont think he is drinking it as i can see the drinking bottle is still full...

and now i have to feed him water using syringe... i just did it now but he seems full.. only to take a sip and when i release him he is jumping around... im worried..

i saw his poop sticking on his underneath fur... i think they are still fresh but only a few poops and small...
I feed my rabbit most days exclusively on grass, weeds, and rabbit-safe plants I pull from the yard. On those days, she doesn't drink any water at all, because she's geting all the water she needs from the fresh plants she's eating. Rabbits much prefer their natural diet of fresh plants over dry pellets or hay anyday. Try pulling grass from your garden and give it to him in his cage. He'll probably eat it.
Rabbits are designed to eat constantly. How long do you leave him in your yard? He could be slightly in GI Stasis because he isn't able to eat the fresh grass throughout the day. Still, harvest the grass in your yard and give it to him in his cage. He's probably trying to tell you that is what he prefers to eat :)
hi.. i really feel relief reading what you said and i really hope u are right... i leave him about an hour or so at the field... most of the time he will be jumping and running around.. sniffing and eating any grass he like on the field.. after that i put him back to the cage...

i really hope he is fine.. never try pulling the grass and put it in his cage cause i just love to let them free on the field .. running around and eating.. never thought that they will not drink nor eat due to this..

its been two days now i think he hasn't touch his pellets and drink.. but always energetic whenever i left him on the field.. a bit relief but still worried tho..
Yeah, an hour's worth of consumption of fresh grass isn't nearly enough to ward off stasis. The only time I give my rabbit pellets nowadays is if I didn't make it outside during the day to pick her greens. The only time she needs to drink water is when I have to give her pellets.
I had a rabbit named Flopsy who would not eat or drink it was the week end and the vets were closed. Flopsy went down hill very quikly and then died:(:(:angel:. I miss her very much:angel:. Please take your bunny to the vet!!!
My current rabbits Chris and Maddy are recovering from a bad case of stomach impaction.
Some forumers suggest me to give them papaya fruit once in a while.. I never gave them fruits before... Would that be fine? Does it also contain lots of water?

Well i see he ate a few pellets tho but hvent notice any drop in water bottle.. Still worried tho.. Will be releasing him again at the field later and see how it goes..
I had a rabbit named Flopsy who would not eat or drink it was the week end and the vets were closed. Flopsy went down hill very quikly and then died:(:(:angel:. I miss her very much:angel:. Please take your bunny to the vet!!!
Thx for the advice..sorry to hear about your rabbit.. I had the same case as well but that rabbit looks down n inactive but in this case the rabbit so active, hes kickin when im holding him n keep jumpin arnd
well i just freed my rabbit again to the field today and he surely ate the grass a lot.. i leave him about an hour or so and he used all those time eating grasses... i guess hes addicted eh :S..
hi sorry for the late reply... well i havent tried that because im not sure which leaves he prefers to eat (because once he on the field he will sniff most leaves and only eat selected ones)... but i notice that he eats some of the pellets in the morning... its only the water he hasn't touch so far..

and today i discovered something new.. when i was releasing him on the field... there is a pool of water from the rain... and amazingly he took a sip on it... i was like :O ... and then i tried to take a bowl of water and put it beside him and he sip it... omg he was so bossy.. :S .. now i put him back on his cage.. will provide the bowl of water later... cause i want him to drink from the bottle first :p
Well i just discovered tonight that he is starting to eat and drink normally again cause i see a drop of water level on the bottle.. yay!!! :D
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