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my rat is losing his fur?

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I have 3 male rats, and over the last week or so I've noticed that only one of them is losing fur on both sides, and near his back legs. I haven't noticed any fur loss in the other 2 guys, and I don't see any mites, scratches, or scabs, or notice him scratching an unusual amount. He doesn't seem to have any irritation, but does anyone have any advice as to what this could be? I looked closely this afternoon, and noticed really short furs starting to grow back, but I still want to know what's causing him to lose his fur in the first place.

Despite Dewey not wanting to hold still, I attached some images, so hopefully that helps :)

I appreciate any advice.
Thank you,


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How old is your boy? He doesn't look like a poor rex in the pics but is he?

I honestly would treat for parasites just in case..its not a normal looking hairloss at all.
He is a dumbo, and is a little short of a year and a half. I noticed that his skin is a little yellow and flaky, and I was wondering if it could be buck grease? I don't know much about it, but I've seen a couple of people recommend giving rats olive oil to help improve their skin and fur.

Do you know if this could be part of why his fur is falling out? If so, do you know if olive oil will help?

I added a more flattering picture of him and his brothers so you can see what he looks like when he's not so disheveled (he's the one on the far left)

Thank you for your help, and I'm sorry if I'm bombarding you with questions.


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Ohh he is very young! I would be even more concerned about this hair thinning (its not going in patches but more like swathes).

Looks like he is developing buck grease (definitely try the olive oil) but I would still treat him for parasites (oral ivermectin or Revolution) to rule out that issue.
i hope he gets better :/ do what she said ^^
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