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My rats (and future mice)

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Hello, I am new to the forum and would like to introduce my ratties.

I currently have three females. Two are from the same litter, name Lucy and Trouble. They are now 3 1/2 months old, and I have had them since they were five weeks. They are extremely sweet and give me lots of kisses and grooming. :) Earlier this week, I adopted an older adult rat who needed a home. Intros went really well, and everyone is getting along great. The new rat, Mini, was bruxing and boggling as I petted her last night! I am very happy that she is already comfortable with me.

Tomorrow, I am going to adopt a pair of mice from a local shelter so that they are not put to sleep. I have a spare cage and would feel awful if they had to spend the rest of their time in a shelter instead of a loving home. What are the major differences that I need to know about? Is the same diet good for them?

Here is a picture of my three girls together:

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Aww, congRATS! :)

Your babies are adorable.

I used to have mice too, but def' prefer rats. Rats are more interactive and affectionate then mice. Rats WANT to be with their people, while mice don't care as much about you. Mice can be really friendly too, but I find rats are def' more friendly and interactive and social.
I love rats! My girls love to snuggle. And I like mice, but I'm more afraid of hurting them because of their size.

We picked up the mice today. It's a pair of albino girls. The poor things were being kept in the same room as cats, smelling them must have made them nervous! We'll give them a few days to adjust and then see how tame they are.
Beautiful ratties and welcome to the forum! So nice that you are going to adopt some mice and give them a good home. Terrific!

I have never had mice but I always tended to notice that the lab blocks on the market usually say "Rat and Mouse" so I assumed that mice also eat lab blocks like rats? Anyone know?
I am feeding them the same diet, because I have always heard that their dietary needs are quite similar. I'll look into it to make sure.
I have 2 mice which I adopted too, 2 months ago. They are playful and sooooo cute :D They like to walk all over me and lick my fingers. Mice are afraid of heights so when you put them in your hand they will never jump of. Mice can generally eat hamster food...
The only drawback for mice IMHO is their smell...

Cute rats, I never owned one but I am pretty sure I will one day :D

I also have 2 degus which I adore...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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