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my rats are settled, here are pictures!

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Took long enough but i finally managed to take some pictures of my ratties! My camera broke several times as there was sand inside it, so i eventually had to buy a new one. But here we go XD

They have been really funny and they both have really different personalities, Picasso is the white and brown one. He is more outgoing and likes running around. Is is super energetic all the time and always leaps to the side of the cage and climbs up the bars whenever i go near the cage, Pablo is the chubby ginger one and he tends to stay near his cage more, but he loves cuddles and will curl up in my lap and watch a film or play games with me.

Most of the pictures were actually taken on cleaning day so the cage is a bit of a mess, they don't seem to mind the mess but i sure do! They have a bath on cleaning day, i just let them paddle about in warm water and they seem to enjoy that.

i have also managed to train them to respond to their names! Each time i gave them a treat i made a little squeaking noise so they associated the squeak with treats, then i started using their names. So now they come when i call (my mum said she couldn't understand why i would get rats and that they couldn't be trained, i proved her wrong >:3 ) I'm trying to train them to do other things but they seem more interested in doing other things like climbing the curtains or tugging on my shoelaces.

I have been trying them with loads of kinds of food, so far the really love porrage, strawberries and shreddies but the don't like apple or grapes. In fact they hate grapes so much they try and push them out the cage (which is really cute to watch them do) and they also like scones and tea. This is reassuring and any good Englishman should love scones and tea. I don't trust anyone who doesn't xD My friend made one a tiny top hat and monocle out of paper but they got chewed D:

does Pablo look a too fat?
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So cute!! I love Pablo's fur, it's so pretty. He doesn't look too fat to me. ^.^ It looks like you have a very nice cage setup there!

I haven't managed to teach my girls (Juno and Layla) to respond to their names yet, but I'll keep trying, haha. I'm looking foreward to seeing more pictures! :)
Awww, I loved the pictures! Your boys are just beautiful! I agree with Lyramon, their cage set up looks great, and I don't think Pablo is too fat at all. He looks like a healthy plump ratty. :)

I thought it was so funny that your mom said rats cannot be taught things or trained because rats are one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet! They are very, very smart. :D

Thanks for sharing the pictures! And you are right, proper English ratties should enjoy their scones. Heh heh!
they are so cuuuuute! they look so happy!
Loved the pics, thank you for sharing :)
Cute ratties. I lvoe the set up. Rats cvan learn quite a bit of things like how to solve mazes, pushing levers and buttons and how to beg with their paws in front of them while standing on their hind legs. (that was kisses fav. trick-probabbly because was easy. look cute=treat.:lol:
Aww! How cute! We loved the picture of Picasso looking out of his open door!

Thanks so much for sharing!
They are really cute, and the cage looks great! And yes--rats can learn just about anything you want them to learn. Look up "pet rat tricks" on youtube, and show your mom the videos there. I've taught my boys how to come when called, beg, spin in a circle, and shake hands. One guy on youtube taught his rat how to open his door for him! They are one of the most intelligent animals we can have as pets! :D
i added some more pictures, there are some of them taking a bath x3
Picasso didn't like that too much but pablo was splashing about quite happily.
I didn't see any pictures of their bath time..did you post them somewhere else?
Yay! What a cute picture! Wet ratty baby! :D
I just saw one picture..are there supposed to be more? Love it though!
ack! ok i got the right link now xD the rat bath pictures got jumbled up in the old pictures but at least you can see them all now XD bloody photobucket!

i took them for a walk the other day, pablo sat in my pocket but picasso wanted to ride about on my shoulder like he does in my flat, it was really awesome that he didn't want to climb down and he looked really inquisitive! there were a lot of people who eurr and blurghed at them though which was rather upsetting but there were a few people who asked to hold them and touch them so that was good, especially children. We went to a pet shop and got some treats. There were two tiny tiny tiny baby rats, one Powder blue and one like... a browny ginger colour and they had fizzely fur! they had curly whiskers too they were so cuute... i would have got them but i am pretty sure pablo and picasso would kill them... and i wouldn't want to keep them in separate cages, the idea of having a rat family would be kinda cool but i am happy with having my boys <3
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Wonderful pictures! Your boys are just darling. :)

Nevermind those who do the "uggh" and "blehs" about rats, forget those people. They have no knowledge or familiarity with rats and how wonderful they are. Ignorance breeds contempt, right? :rolleyes: People like that just see rats from the perspective of countless myths and media, like the beady eyed sewer rat carrying the plague and on and on, right?

One of the forum members posted a picture of a bumper sticker or something that said, "That's okay, my rats don't like you either" or something like that. It was awesome!
Are there any foods that rats really shouldn't have? I read in a few places that they shouldn't have anything with milk in it but i have given them porrage and cheese before with no problems =o and seeing as i tend to give then a little of what ever i am eating (i feel like i am leaving them out of i don't xD) then it's good to know i'm not giving them anything that is making them ill. They had a lychee the other day :D they loved it! they didn't eat the seed or pip in the middle either... so clever XD

They don't like grapes or mushrooms... picky!
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