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Because I am bored I thought I would write up an update on all my reptiles. Unfortunately I don't have any new pictures yet, but I should have the time tomorrow to take some, upload them to my computer and then to photobucket and then I will post them in this thread.

To start off I finally got a scale yesterday so I will be able to weight and monitor the weight of my geckos and my snake. The only place I could find scales that measure small enough for geckos was but I wasn't going to pay $21.95 in shipping on a $39.99 scale, and that's all in American dollars so it would be more in Canadian dollars. When in doute of where to find a scale or any kitchen thing home stores always have what you want :) My mom bought mine for 29.95 plus 13% tax which is what I would ahve paid in just shipping.

Now for the exciting updates of the reptiles. I'll start of with my favourite Cheerios.

For those who are new or don't frequent the reptile section here on Paw-Talk often Cheerios is my female corn snake who is a spoiled 5-6 year old brat. And I love her. I've had Cheerios for about 4 years now and she is still a small thing, although its hard to tell since I've been getting bigger to since I got her she still looks lthe same as when I got her. She came in yesterday at 210 grams. She was expecting to be fed when I took her out, but I'll feed her tomorrow. She is still in she original tank that she came with and that you have all seen before, but I am looking around for a bigger tank for her and a nicer one.

Next up is my first crested gecko ever... TINY! She is still in her tank that I have shown before but the plants are growing in good and the tank is looking great! She came in yesterday at just 7 grams. Still skittish and jumping so I don't take her out much.

And then there is the breeding pair of crested geckos. I wieght lewis and Bertha yesterday along with the others, hoping they were the correct weight. Pissingly (I know not a word) they are not. For a tailless female they should be at least 33 grams for breeding, Bertha comes in at 28 grams, small males are much of a concern but I would have prefered to see Lewis at atleast 33 grams, he came in at 29 grams. I have seperated them for the time being to put some weight on them. Bertha stayed in the 40 gallon and Lewis was moved to a space 10/12 gallon.
I am again expecting eggs from Bertha in a few weeks.

And lastly the eggs seem to be doing well still hoping for them to hatch out in September.
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