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:glider2:Hello, I am a licensed breeder who currently stopped breeding at the moment. I have 0ne girl and two baby boy sugar gliders that are babies still to me, they are 6 months old:) i love them so much.
Their names are Mikko, and Mateo and ayla. There names are unique and mean something. Mikko is cute and cuddly and loves to groom you all the time. Mateo is frisky, playful and is a nibbler. He loves to glide everywhere. When i put my hand out he always glides to my head hahaha... Ayla on the other hand loves her brothers, she loves to play cuddle she also loves to go outside in her pouch.I am so thankful that i do what i do and have these amazing babies. I just wanted to let people who see this know who has or wants a sugar glider that they are life long friends and are very unique and love anyone willing to take care of them and dedicate their time to them. :glider2:


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