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MzKity's Horsie Got Hurt Right B4 Vacation!

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Hey everyone! I'm back from Disneyland and I am SO glad to be home! Missy timed everything perfectly and managed to hurt herself in a huge snow storm we are having . . . the day before I left for vacation! Thank God I had that "go check on your horse" feeling and went with it! Oh, and not really dressed for it, away I went. I found Missy with a huge gash above her eye. It was so cold out, it didn't even have time to bleed. It just froze open. My poor little girl. I called the vet, and waited with her as long as I could until I had to leave her to go and pick my son up from school. I left her only to pick him up from school, drop him off at home, (he is only 12, but I knew it was too cold to have him outside), I lectured him on the rules at home, gave him cell phone #, etc. and threw on extra layers and ran back to wait for the vet, who said she would be out at 3:30. We have no real "barn" so Missy and I were out in the snow. Brrrrr. I knew she hurt, but at least she would eat. So, I just stood by her petting her and holding her, crying. I knew she needed stitches, it was that bad. And, I was afraid she had lost her sight. By the time the vet came, they sedated her and I had to stay on the other side as I could not watch. The first shot barely touched Missy, so she had to have a second and that really knocked her for a loop. Then we had a horse with legs like spaghetti! Great. I could not feel my fingers or toes at that point and they were beginning to really hurt. My barn owner had come out to help and I am go greatful for her and my vet because I wouldn't of made it through without them. Missy and I both needed them. Missy got her eye sewn up, she's going to be fine. Again, thank God. I, however, did not even get to stay to finish up helping with my horse and I feel just horrible about it. I was in such horrible pain that I had to leave and they finished for me. I cried all the way home. My fingers and feet felt like they were on fire. My feet feel like they have needles stabbing through them and are still extremely painful to walk on. And, yes, I still went to Disneyland this way. I managed to get frostbite! I was on codine the whole time. LOL. I'm just sick that I wasn't strong enough to stick it out and be with my horse the whole time though. I stayed 3+ hours in the snow with boots that weren't meant for the snow and what a mistake. I can't wait to see her again. I have purchased better boots now, I won't make that mistake again. We have so much snow now it isn't funny. Our trip? I'll post that in another post. The main thing here is that Missy will be fine and the vet said that she will be able to see. Her cut was 1/2 inch deep and over 2 inches long. We still can't figure out what she did. I'm just thankful it wasn't a half inch lower! Good to be home. I missed you all.
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Welcome back and Merry Christmas! Hope you had a lovely holiday and hope Missy is getting well quickly, that must have given you a really big fright.
Oh your poor horsie! I know it's hard when they are hurt and there's nothing you can do. When we got Harley we had him a day when my Uncle noticed he was making weird sucking and chewing noises, it turns out the person who had him before us hit him in the mouth with a 2X4 and a piece had lodged into his gum and between his teeth :S

I'm so glad you horse is going to be ok!
OH! Foxy! How aweful. How can someone be so cruel?!!! Was Harley o.k. after that? And, yes, winter_frost, a HUGE fright is what I got. I was so scared, I didn't realize how cold I was getting... and I guess that's how I got frost bite on my feet. Just a touch, I was lucky. And I was also lucky to have such a wonderful boarding facility owner and vet that took over and told me to go home. I am truly a blessed person. I have people who look out for me and my animals. :eek:)
Oh i know exactly what you are talking about when you say got to check on the horse feeling, i have had it 3 times, one time i checked on them and only my pony came to see me and she was scared and our other horse wouldn't come out so i went in and he managed to cut all of the skin off his knee! we don't know how he did it, the vet gave us yellow goo that fixed it in a few weeks, another time my pony got her head stuck on the fence and i got her out, and another time our other horse cut his knees trying to jump the 7 foot fence... each time i was home by myself too and i was only 12-14 years old at the time scared the poo out of me i went around trying to find neighbors and stuff to help me
Oh, Kendalle, how aweful! I tell you, those "feelings" can be so strong, you just know that you need to act on them. It's like your horses are sending you vibes to come and help them. Always listen to yourself when you get those strong feelings, I have found out the hard way!
it seams nearly impossible not to.... i had one to check my ig one time and his heater was burned out he was gettin cold
Oh no!! you guys all have bad horsey stories.thats terrible but at least in the end its a happy tail!! Charlene, you did the right thing by staying with her and calming her with your prescence no wonder she loves you so much! and i hope you enjoyed your vacation otherwise, it must have Missy's way of punishing you for not getting her a window seat ticket to Disneyland:D

Im glad everyone is ok now
Purple-Hops, you are funny! Hee hee. I wish I could have taken her with me! LOL
I am glad she is ok now. It must have been so frightening.
And 12 is the age when my parents first left me home alone - actually I was still 11 but just about to turn 12.
kathydip, I know Michael is o.k. and should be able to be left alone for periods of time because he is getting older, but he can still manage to get into things. He is at that age where he loves to plug things in to light sockets and we have found things "over-loaded" to the scary point, which makes me a bit nervous. He is also into experimenting with Science projects! LOL. But, that day I left him, I was only 4 minutes away, so I knew he would be o.k. I'm just one of those moms who is super cautious and have always been at home with him. So, he hasn't had that much alone time yet. That day, all he did while I was gone was play on our computer downstairs, he was fine. :) I just worry about everything. I'm working on that! LOL Trying not to worry as much!
I'm glad your girlie is ok! D got a cut similar to that like the 3rd week I had him! I about freaked lol. My new horse is going to be blind. Thank goodness he was fine, give your girlie tons of lovens and carrots for me :D.
Aww poor missy. :I Hope she gets well soon, and you Charlene. xx
I checked on Missy a couple of days ago when the snow around here had melted and her swelling has gone down. Get this... her stitches are "Purple"! My favorite color. LOL But she is just not up to par yet. Poor little girl. I gave her a big bucket of oats and lots of luvs. It's going to take her a bit to come out of this one. :(
Aww bless her. Purple stiches ? gosh how unusual.. Hope she gets better soon. xx
Yeah, Purple! Go figure. LOL. Thank you for the well-wishes everyone.
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