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I was walking by the cage and saw the Nekkids piled in a hammock tunnel together like a chord of wood. I grabbed my camera and the following photo session resulted.

Melon is on top, Skinner is on bottom.

Soon, along came some others. Jeffrey is the dumbo eared black, and Black Pete is the top eared black. Zmei is my BES. The caption for the following mob of pics: "Treats?Treats?Treats?Treats?Treats?Treats!?"

Zmei and Jeffrey get downright cheeky about their demands. Notice the camera chord:

Black Pete snags a nom and is happy:

Zmei checks fingers and finger crevices to make sure none are missed. Lick Lick Lick Lick.


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Your rats are adorable! I wish my apartment allowed me to own some. I miss them.
My last two were dumbo hairless. Gotta love the naked ones. :)

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EEK, I love your boys!! How adorable they are! I never get tired of seeing new pics of your famous ratty crew! What cutie pies!! Smooches to the whole bunch. I want to eat them up every time, ha ha! :D
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