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So I recently got a new bunny from a lady I know. Her rabbit Sugar had babies and she gave them away. The thing is I can't think of a name for her! She's white and has light brown on her ears and a bit on her face. If you have any name suggestions please let me know :)

I'll also post links to a few pictures of her :)
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cinnimon is a cute name or cocobean and nickname her bean for short hehe.
How about Beatrice with Beattie for short? She reminds me of the Rossetti portrait of Beatrice di Folco Portinari :). She's so precious!
awww how adorable!!! what breed is she? I like cinnamon as well :) thats one were are considering for one of ours.

Cinnamon, Sugar, Flopsy, Christopher (Chris), Bella, Hoppy, Maddie, Lennie, Milky Way, Buttercup, Chloe, Pistachio ;), Marcy, Stacy.
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