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natural allergy relief...anyone....

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I have been trying to stay away from chemicals...really. All of my neighbor's have these beautiful flowering trees and some even more beautiful plants were left in our yard. Poor Spyro is dying this season. At first, his itching was just here and there but it soon got to the point where he chewed off all his fur on his butt and feet. I broke down and gave him Diphenhydramine (benadryl) but I'm really trying to avoid that. Besides the fact that I'm trying to stay away from chemicals, it makes him sleepy and I usually give it to him every 12 hours so he practically sleeps all the time. His allergies last from mid spring to late summer. Oh and because he is chewing, he has been sentenced to the cone of shame (comfy cone but still.)

I know he is allergic to grass but I can't help but thinking pollen is making it much worse. I tried indoor potty training but he never caught on and would insist on going out anyway. Its pretty sad to just have him "hibernate" for the summer.
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Oh no, poor Spyro. Hope you find solution or better a prevention against the allergy.
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