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Hi my bunny is a Netherland dwarf he is blue with a semi white nose he is still getting used to me I hope one day he'll love me like I love him well atleast he doesn't freak out as much when I have to put him back in his condo I've never had a pet though I'm 24 years old maybe my Cacheton which is my bunny's name won't mind too much that I'm constantly worried for him cuz I am new at this jiji. Well I'm glad I found this place u guys have already helped me with my bunny worries :):dream:
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Hi and welcome!!
Rabbits aren't all cuddly wuddly like cats and dogs. My rabbit Acacia is 5 and a half years old and she still doesn't like company. She likes coming on her own time for pets. LEarn to take it slow with rabbits. Hand feed treats and give him space. You can sit with him in a small room like the bathroom and talk to him or read a story to him. Bunnies really respond to voices, and trust/bonds are formed over it.
He's responding more to me I'm so happy and he is so spoiled and he knows he's the alpha of the house lol
Welcome! Hope you lik eit here
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