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Need Advice Please- 4 1/2 week old puppy

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I was driving today and saw a puppy cold and wet in a ditch.. Of course i couldn't just leave him there, so i brought him home and have warmed him up. I know he is WAY too young to be away from his mother..
I have a lot of experience with dogs and other animals, but I've never had one this young before.
Can someone please give me some advice on what i should be doing for him?
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You could try offering canned puppy food. If he doesn't accept it, give him puppy milk replacer?
At 4 1/2 weeks he should just be starting on solid food. Get some puppy milk replacer, easy enough, even Walmart has it. Wet down some dry puppy chow to almost a soup and offer that too. Use you finger to transfer it to his mouth if you have to. With a little work, you can pull him through if he hasn't been exposed to disease.
There's nothing wrong with actual canned food. Dry food can be toxic. Especially the chow. The grains can be contaminated with mycotoxins. And manufacturers who produce "chows" do not use grains kept under superb conditions, nor do they really care to use clean grains. Puppies nor dogs, really have no use for grains in their food anyway :) You're better off with the canned food from GOOD companies.
In the real world, millions and millions of dogs thrive on grain containing kibbles. Wet down dry food is the choice of highly trained, highly experienced professionals.
And millions and millions more die if you read consumer affairs reports. Highly trained professionals, perhaps, but they're certainly not professionals in true dog nutrition. They only buy in to what the manufacturers tell them.
I am not going to waste any more time on somebody so out of touch.
This argument isn't helping, its occuring in any dog thread that mentions you have to feed your dog and really goes no where.

Now for the origional poster, i would get some milk replacer and some good quality dog food or puppy food and wet it down. Keep the pup warm and get it to the vet as soon as possible. If the pup became dehydrated or infested with parasites the vet is the best option. Plus it never hurts to have a look over.
I'm with Kendalle. When I rescued young kittens I tried a little milk but they preferred the wet cat food so I went with it, plus then didn't have to wet it down. The only reason I went with wet is so I wouldn't have to soak it and all that. If it doesn't have any teeth at all or very little nubs I would definately get milk. If it has some teeth then soaking food (soaking food in the milk replacement is a good idea) or wet food is how I would do it. Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!

Keep us updated!
Iive raised a lot kf kittens and duriing weaning time we started with canned food mixed with a bit of formula. We had to press it up against the roof of their mouths for them not to spit it out. Then moved up to formila soaked kibble.

And, abman, fed your dog bad food full of tumored, diseaed chicken bomes featthers and nevks, undigestable corn and grains...and your dog will be hyper from the sugars, unable to digest prpperly, and little vitamins and nutrients are iin the foods. If your gonna feed mcdonalds to your kid everyday you feel free to, but when they have artritis from bones and joints not forming properly then the fault is yours. I wont feed my human or anim children "crap" because its cheaper. You have no arguement, plenty of uneducated ppl like you feed their dogs this and the dogs pay for it cause your cheap.
Oh and also dont leave soaked dry food out to long or it will gather bacctteria that could be dangerous to such a young puppy.

The original blue dawn soap bath for fleas in case puppy has any.
Oh, I have checked with P&G customer service and they don't back using Dawn on puppies.
Did you check with vets Labman? MANY vets have told me that works and I have never had any problem using it since most flea stuff doesn't recommend using it on puppys or kittens under 12 weeks
Ok, guys, this is getting silly, no need to start a dog food debate here. I'm closing this thread since the OP got some advice already and hasn't been back anyway.
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