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I need help. I have an African Dwarf frog that has at least one broken leg, and I suspect 2. On in the front and the opposite back one.

When he tries to swim, he swims in circles, and couldn't make it to the top of the tank. I suspect my Betta was picking on him, but couldn't prove it. I removed him and put him in a small glass bowl with the water level lowered a bit so he could reach the top if he needed to. What I'm wondering is one, is there anything else I can do to facilitate his healing? And two, will his legs heal to where he can swim again? Or will he always need to be in this special bowl?



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Maybe you can put a rock or something in his tank that he can pull himself onto if he needs to rest/breathe? Other than that I dont know if theres much you can do. Just make sure he gets plenty of food.

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Are you sure his legs are broken?

There isn't much you can do besides keep the water very clean and hope they heal. Unless you happen to have a vet experienced in aquatics nearby (There aren't many, unfortunately).

If there are any open wounds you could add some Melafix to speed up the healing process.

Make sure you have rocks or some sort of decoration so he can get to the surface to breathe. Hand-feed him with tweezers if he won't eat.

Keep the water level low.
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