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Need help!!!

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Right now I need some major help and pretty well do not know where else to go, my wife is getting bit by fleas on a daily basis, and we are vacuuming everyday, she is washing anything and everything she can. We did have 2 dogs with my inlaws in the house but they are living somewhere else now, my wife has spent buying stuff to get rid of them, we nuked the house saturday, got an exterminator to nuke the house and still nothing, does anyone have a kill method to get rid of them once in for all, any suggestions will be helpful.
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One thing I know for sure, if your vacuum has a bag in it and you're not emptying it each time, the fleas will escape the bag and be right back in the house. Totally ridding the house of fleas will take some time as they reproduce so quickly. Unless you have something that kills the eggs and larvae as well as the adult fleas, you pretty much have to keep attacking until they go through each cycle. Also, you can't let up for even one day or they can be back in full force.
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There are plenty of chemical treatments for flea eggs, but we avoid them. We found that putting down dry salt everywhere (floors, cupboards, etc) eliminated their hatching out. Wouldn't be good for carpet, but we have wooden floors. The salt prevents the eggs from hatching, because they are dried out.

The salt needs to be changed after every couple of weeks, as it absorbs the moisture from the atmosphere. Some people add boracic powder to the salt, but we found that salt by itself works fine.
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The salt for fleas reminds me of a "funny now, not so funny then story". A long time ago we had a problem with fleas in our house. A friend told me to sprinkle some salt in my carpet to get rid of them. So I went all out with the salt, you know, thinking: 'more is better'. was summertime and very humid, need I say more???? Needless to say my living room became a swamp!! :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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