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New addition!

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So I've recently adopted a new baby rat, who appears to be around five weeks old.

There he is, his name is Coffee!

I was just wondering if there were any tips on introducing him to Rue. I've already introduced them in the bathtub, they were grooming and sniffing each other. Rue also picked the Coffee up and carried him a foot a few times.

Are these good signs? They appear to be getting along well...
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Im assuming they are the same gender, if so, Rats are usually very friendly when introduced to new buddies. However I did notice age and size do play a part. I once had a 2 year old female rat who I wanted to get a new friend for since her 'sister' got loose and we never saw her again, so I adopted a 6month-1year old female. She hated her! I would only assume that had to be the problem since I adopted a second rattie for her (again, 6m-1yr) and same thing.
Ugh, I didn't notice the picture flipped over. x.x

Anyways, Rue is a boy. He's eight months old. Coffee is also a boy.

I carried on with the introductions, Rue was actually super friendly with Coffee. He even started protecting the little guy when the dog came near.

Unfortunately, one of the kids let Coffee loose in the house and I haven't seen him since last night. I'm still looking for him but I feel horrible.
Coffee is adorable!

Oh no, can you get a humane trap and try to catch him that way? Also check in furniture and any crevices a rat could get.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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