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New at feeding raw diet

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Hi! I have a pinscher and just recently started giving him a raw diet. It turns out he is a picky eater and does not receive the raw meat with much excitement. With chicken its different but still he has lost a lot of weight and is sometimes *regurgitating at night. The same with vegies and fruits, whole or processed into his meat. I really believe raw is the right choice, but i am not having a good response from Antü. *I just started reading Carina Beth's book on raw feeding, hoping to get some answers there.
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Hi and welcome to Paw-Talk! :) I feed all of my dogs (and foster dogs) a raw diet but will need a bit more information to help you. What kinds of things are you feeding? Is there a specific diet plan? How did you transition your dog to the diet and how long ago? What meats have you tried?

I usually recommend this guide for starting:

It sounds like you feed a slightly different diet than me but maybe it will help anyway :).
I agree. Also is it BARF? Ground? Prey-like meat?
I'm sure soon your dog gonna used to its taste, raw is the best choice indeed.
Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the reply. I was giving him canned dog food cause I changed from dry dog food to canned firts. Then I satarted introducing raw meat (cuts of meat I my self would eat and chicken) to his canned food, little by little reducing the canned food and giving him more of the raw. Finally when I thought he was ready I stopped with the canned food. I don't have a plan yet figured out. I live in Colombia (excuse me for my english) and here this type of diet is frowned on. People look at me as if I were crazy and stuff. Repeatedly people tell me I am going to kill him and so on. It is not easy cause I feel alone and sometimes as if I were doing something bad. My guts tell me I am doing the right thing but I do get scared sometimes. I also started giving him meaty bones*(I have just tried with chicken legs) first mini ones and then normal ones. This he absolutely adores. But when I try giving him chicken breasts*(I still cut them into pieces, I don’t know it is is the right thing to do) and ground meat*(I was waiting to finish reading and educating myself in the subject before trying anything else) he just smells it and walks away. As I told you he has lost a lot of weight so I started cooking the meat and the chicken slightly to make him eat*(anything but returning to processed dog food), which he has done. *I guess I will read the links you shared with me and finish reading the book. He is a happy and loved little thing and I only want the best for him and that is what I am trying to do.

Thanks! I really appreciate this!*

Ps/ wishbone: I truly believe raw is the best for him.*
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Most raw feeders feed just bone-in chicken at first so just giving him chicken legs (and other bone-in cuts like wings, necks, backs, etc. if they're available) is actually fine for now. If he doesn't eat, put the food back in the fridge and try again later. He'll eat when he's hungry, very few dogs will starve themselves (cats are another story!). I wouldn't start cooking it since it sounds like he was eating the chicken legs just fine raw and therefore should start eating the other stuff, too. As for the ground meat, it might help to feed whole chunks instead of ground. The chicken breast only needs to be cut into a meal size, it doesn't need to be cut into small pieces. Actually, that can be worse, since he might choke if he eats too fast. Bigger pieces are always better :).

Yeah, check out the link and then let me know if you have any questions :). A few of us on this forum feed raw so we can definitely help out.
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