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When do bunnies start breeding?

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*New bunny needed*

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Hi there,:wave:
I am 14 and just got 2 bunnies this week. One is Huffelump, male mini lop(12weeks) and Sushi, female sealpoint(14weeks).
I got a male and female because I want to breed them. The thing is that i thought you can keep them in the same cage. So i did my research on breeding and found out you cant really. I only have one cage becuase I need to buy the cages myself and dont have any money left because i brought a new cage for them. Does anybody know when they become sexually active so that i can try to get a new cage before they do or if it is to late? Please try and help! i looked different websites to see the ages but they all different.
Thank you!

~Special Paws~
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Congrats on your new additions. Can I ask though, why you want to breed them? Because I'm going to be honest here - if you can't even afford to buy a second cage for them, then how are you going to afford to care for the parents plus all the babies properly? Breeding can be very expensive. What if there are problems with the pregnancy, or with any of the babies or the mother after delivery, and they require vet care? There are a lot of risks associated with breeding.

Maybe you can find a cheap used cage somewhere? Are you keeping them indoors? If you are keeping them inside, look into building a NIC or "Neat Idea Cube" cage. Look it up to see what I mean. The supplies are very cheap, around $15 or so usually for a box of cubes and you can usually buy them at places like Wal*mart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

You'll find different estimates for when they become sexually mature because it's just that, an estimate. There is no magical age that when all bunnies turn that age they all become sexually mature. It can depend on the individual bunny, the breed, the size, etc. It's possible that your rabbits, even though they are young, are already able to breed at those ages. If they are not sexually mature already, they will be soon. Small breed rabbits especially can sometimes become sexually mature as early as 12 weeks, or 3 months old.

But I do urge you to reconsider breeding. Are the two rabbits you have even the same breed? There are thousands of homeless rabbits sitting in rescues and shelters waiting for new homes already, without you adding a litter of mixed breed babies to the mix. Plus, if you can't afford to buy them a second cage than you really can't afford to breed.

Rabbits can be awesome pets, why don't you consider saving up to get them fixed, bonding them, and enjoying them as pets?

Good luck. I hope you're able to figure out your caging issue soon.
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Hi Michelle,

Thank you for the help!
I guess you are right. I do have the money for caring just not another cage of $189 seeing that i already bought one. I just wanted to know when they become active because i can only buy another cage in like two weeks when i get payed for the paper run i do.Just wanted to know whether two weeks is to late. I am looking at a cheap cage and the NIC actually sounds like a plan. The bunnies are not the same breed, but i am NOT planning on giving them to the SPCA! I will rather get my mum to help me then.

Thank you for the help! I might just get them fixed if i cant get the cage. Thanks again!

Special Paws
Hi again,

I found a cage for Huffelump! :)

Thank you
if you think 189$ is expensive what do u think it will cost if that female has complications and needs a c-section ? needs extra vitamins or the babies are sick and need vet attention ? breeding them is definetly a bad idea.
I know that, now that i have another cage i will not breed them until they are a bit older and i have saved up money for if they need vet-attention.

Special Paws
Why do you want them to breed in the first place? Having babies is very stressful for the female, and it will at the very least shorter her life span. Plus, female bunnies have a very high risk of developing reproductive cancer if they aren't spayed.

I know you are probably getting sick of hearing it by now... But I would get them fixed and just keep them as pets. It sounds like these are your first bunnies (correct me if I'm wrong) and you don't have any first hand experience caring for them, you are young, and you don't much extra money to work with. If you still are dead-set on breeding, at least wait until you have had a few years experience, have two pedigreed bunnies of the same breed, and have more than enough money to care for them. Rabbits are considered exotics, so their vet care is expensive. I have paid hundreds just to have routine, non-emergency stuff done with my boy.
Waiting and breeding them later probably isn't such a good idea either. I've never bred rabbits, but from what I understand once a female rabbit gets older, if she has not had any babies before the bones in her pelvis will begin to fuse. This can make complications during birth much more likely. I'm not sure the exact age this begins to happen but I believe that it's when they are still pretty young.

What are you going to do with all the babies? If you're really dead set on breeding, like Jess said I'd wait and at least get two bunnies of the same breed, ideally one's who you know the genetic histories of.
Rabbit breeding smalls funny. The babies are ugly until they get fur too.
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