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New bunny owner

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I recently just got a 6 wk old holland lop bunny. He seems to be shy and kind of scared. I have been trying to do everything I can to get him to trust me but nothing seems to work. When hes in his cage he just sits in a corner. And when I take him out to play he just puts himself in a corner too. I want to bond with him but I dont really know what else to do. Should I just wait and give it time?

If anyone has any info and such please feel free to tell me, I would really appreciate it!
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how long have you had him ? most rabbits dont like being held. also is he neutured ?
It's been 5 days since I brought him home. He's not neutered. I thought that since hes still so young he couldn't yet. I've heard like at 6 months you could get bunnies altered and Ive also heard as early as 4 months.
Is he eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom?

First of all, 6 weeks is too young for him to be away from his mother. 8 weeks is the normal age for baby rabbits to be taken from their moms. In some US states, it's even illegal now to take them younger than this. I'd keep a very close eye on him, and take him to the vet if you notice anything wrong - especially if he stops eating or using the bathroom.

He probably needs more time to settle down in his new environment. 5 days is not a long time when you consider that the little guys entire world has just changed. Some rabbits tend to be shy/timid in the first place, and then the stress of going to a new home just adds to that. You're going to have to give him time to settle down.

You will have plenty of time to develop a bond with him later on, so don't worry about missing a few days or so. Rabbits can be sensitive creatures and really bonding with them can take a lot of time and patience anyways. It's not always something that will happen quickly. Right now I think you really just have to give him time to get used to his new surroundings.

I'd leave him in his cage for a few days. Let him get used to his cage and start to understand that it's his, and is a place he can feel comfortable in. Once he feels more secure in his cage then you can start getting him used to exploring outside of his cage and work on bonding with him more.
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His mom died a day before the owner gave him to me. He's eating and everything just fine. I kept his cage open yesterday to let him out and play, to see how he would react and he was running around hopping in circles and just seem to have love it. He goes back in his cage on his own when he wants to eat and drink. I'm just giving him time to warm up being in a new environment. I am just hoping soon he will trust me.!

Thanks for the advice!!
You just need to give him time. It took my bunny a very long time to trust me and now she's almost 6 yrs old. :)
I agree 6 weeks is a young age. Watch him for any signs of not eating, drinking or pooping.

Just be calm and gentle. Let him come to you. Aside from popular belief, most bunnies DO NOT like to be handled. They're just not cuddly. Give him space and talk to him a lot. He will learn to trust you as long as your not always grabbing at him and squealing or anything.
Put his cage in a stress free area of the house(away from kids, dogs and cats, AND The television set!!!). Bond with him on the floor don't pick it up and let him come out of his cage on his own. tempt him with tiny pieces of carrots(I mean tiny!) to make him come to you. speak to him softly. never ever grab him from above(to him that looks like a hawk swooping down to grab him!). the first thing a shy rabbit thinks when you pick him up is:" O MY GOSH!!! HE'S GOING TO EAT ME!!!"
I really hope this helps!!:talk:
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