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If they were within sight of each other Akina would spray pee (sometimes) and both would poop a lot. Acacia managed to jump out of her pen before I reno'ed them and when she did she went to fight between the bars with Akina. They bit each other and once that happens it opens the skin which can lead to an abscess. (bunnies have thick toothpaste like pus, very unlike ours, and it walls off infection and is very difficult to treat passively) So what happened in the worst case scenario was Acacia developed a small hard to see abscess bc of the fight and then one day I found her cheek lying on the floor bc the infection rot out her bone. The vet sloughed off the infection and treated it under surgery and now she has half a cheek. Beautiful bunn she is though- I recommend you know what you're doing when it comes to pairing bunnies!!!
Make sure they're BOTH fixed too. The reason my bunnies hated each other and caused unfixed stress on me and themselves was bc Acacia was spayed but Akina was not. The hormones from Akina was enough to set them both off. Akina was not as savage as my spayed bunny though! lol Akina would at least try to make friends at first while Acacia would just lunge. *SORRY for the similar names and confusion!! I was never supposed to keep Akina for long term. I kept her after I realised what a bad home she had.
Male/female pairs go smoother from what I seen unless they grew up together from a litter. My rescue has half a dozen bonded sibling pairs available for adoption.
And someone else on this forum just had their bunny put through a bonding session with a member of the resuce. What they did was take the member's bunny and bond it in a totally neutral territory. It makes it easier. Maybe you can see if your rescue offers something similar?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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