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New camera test run

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Well, I'm playing around with my new camera, trying to figure it out! Here are some test photos with my favorite modeling subjects. :)

Russell getting some love

Playing in his fort

Morning stroll

Breakfast time!

Playing in the laundry pile:

The rear end view :lol:

Fuzzy head, rearranging things in his fort
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Adorable! :)
Gorgeous photos Breyer! My favorite lil guys! Marc loved the photos too. He calls your boys, "sweet bears!". :D
I am going to watch your new videos next..can't wait!
:D Thanks, guys! Russell was a little better this time, since the camera is quieter (so he doesn't notice it as much), and of course Stanley was hamming it up. hehehe

Today is a rather dark day, so no photos today. Hopefully tomorrow I can play around with the camera some more!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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