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Hello Everyone,

My name is Kyle. I own two Degus named Zander and Walter, both are male. I believe they are brothers. They get along very well. I went to the pet store and looked at one Degu that the pet store had and then did some research, and saw that I needed to have two so that they can socialize. I also learned they needed to be the same gender and be close, relative or not, to prevent fighting. The pet store had one degu, so i was out of luck.

The next day, my girlfriend and I went to the pet store to buy mealworms for her newest Sugar Glider, Alba. When we walked in the clerk saw me come in and knew i was looking to own a degu. He had two degus in a fish tank and said, "Some woman just brought these two in, and she got them from here. She said that we either had to take them in or she was going to flush them, so I took them but i dont have room for them. If you buy one, Ill give you the other one for free." I took it.

To me, it seemed very coincidental that the day before I had been disappointed because the pet store only had one Degu and I needed two who would get alone, and then the next day two show up who are brothers. I had to take it.​

Anywho, I just need some information on these cute little guys.

I need to bond with them, what is the best way to gain their trust so that they will allow me to rub their bellies and hold them? I want to get them to 100% trust me, and I realize that could take forever. I gave them the common ammentities that they would need. Water bottle, food dish that hooks to side of cage, a wheel that hooks to the side of their cage, a ferret hammock(they dont use it, but i put hay in it and they go up and get it when they need the hay to nest), they have a nesting box, and I also bought a ferret litter pan that hooks to the corner of the cage so they can have their dust bath. Of course they have bedding, timothy hay, and some newspaper scraps :)

I would like to know what else I need to do to get them to trust me.

Also, they make a churping sound that sounds like crickets. They do this mainly when one of them is running on the wheel, then the other degu will jump on with the other, make the churping sound, then the other jumps off....It's like they're sharing the wheel :)

Please let me know what you know, because I want to make their lives as great as possible. I dont think the woman who brought them in gave them a very good life. Walter is missing half of his tale, so i think they were somewhat neglected.

I appreciate the feedback, Paw-Talk Community!​

Thanks again and Ill be pawing around the forums(pun intended),


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First off, welcome!

Take things slow and allow them to come to you. Let them run around in a degu-proofed room/bath tub/pen and don't try handling them. Degus are curious animals so they'll end up investigating you--probably even climbing on you! You never want to grab at a degu, that's a good way to get bitten unless they're really bonded to you. Once they'll happily climb on you, approach you, and take treats, you could try gently scooping them up and petting them. Don't ever restrain them, it's better to let them move freely and get down if they want.

It can take a while but degus do bond very closely to humans in time :).
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