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Training a dog whether it is a puppy or an older dog takes time.

The first commands that a dog needs to know are sit, stay, no, lie down and come.

Start with sit, then move onto stay, come and then lie down.

The no command may need reinforcement, but most dog learn this command with housebreaking.

It is important to be consistent and train the dog daily for about 30 minutes a day.

After training, there should be a little playtime.

Training a dog to sit, you will need a six-foot lead and some small dog treats.

Gently pat the dog's rear as you are saying sit. As the dog sits, reward him or her with a treat.

Walk the dog a few feet and repeat the command while gently pressing down on the rear. Then reward.

This training should be done every day for about a week until the dog knows and performs the command

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I think potty training is equally important for dogs! First of all, you need to be ready for accidents. In the beginning, you will have to clean-up very frequently but eventually if you make your pup realize that he needs to pee and poop only in the litter box or a specific place, you will feel content. Try to take your dog outside the house once an hour and stand with him while he is outside. See if he pees outside and if he does, praise and treat him while he is doing so. It will make him realize that if he pees and poops outside, he will be given treats. If you suddenly catch your puppy eliminating in the wrong place, then show your dismay by crying out in a negative tone that it is not the right place to pee/poop and immediately take him to the place where you want him to do it. It will make your pup understand that he did something wrong rather than encourage him to do it at a place where you can’t see him.
It is important to note that dogs usually need to eliminate in the morning immediately after they wake up and right after their meals. Take them outside during these times and if they don’t eliminate, then try again after 10 minutes.

You can also use the paper method to train your pup. Spread a newspaper on the floor over a large area. Stay with your puppy when he pees/poops on the newspaper surface and then go and dispose the dirty sheets of the paper in front of him, leaving the sheet which was not so heavily soiled. Place this sheet on top of some fresh piece of sheets that you spread again. You will eventually notice that your puppy will learn to eliminate only in this area covered with the newspaper. You can also use this method with training pads.
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