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New fish!

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My boyfriend got me a fish tank!! It's a 10 gal and i have 3 fancy male guppies now... :D a red one, a yellow one, and a dark blue one!

Later we are going to get maybe a few female guppies or a platy or a molly or 2 or i don't know and i want a snail.

my boyfriend is tooo nice to me!
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yay congrats!!! can't wait for pics! :)

This thread may be helpful to you:

I wouldn't be getting more fish just yet ;). Oh, and you may want to avoid female guppies since they'll breed constantly. That's not good in a 10-gallon.
i know we have to wait a couple weeks..

do you know of any freshwater green fish that would work with guppies? my boyfriend wanted a green one but we couldnt find one
There are green fancy'll just have to look around :).
Congrats! I love guppies,they are so cute and pretty at the same time and easy to look after.
i Love guppies, there by far my fav fish, so easy to look after and they come in just about any color you could imagine.. ive seen green ones at our store quite a bit, you'll have to just keep checking your store, im sure they'll get some green ones sooner or later.
sweet! he will be so excited when i get him a green one
my yellow one died :( i don't know why but red and blue are both doing well still
Did you test the water?
i got the watertested last weekend and my nitrate levels were high she said because we didn't get enough fish so we got 3 girl guppies one prego one and she had 17 babies!! i got a yellow one and 2 blue green ones, and once agian yellow fish started just swimming in place and died, t

Then my blue girls have gotten a white spot, (it looks like peeling skin) spot on their top fin where it meets their backs then it looks like that skin was ripped off and its red and then gills turned bright red and stumaches look red and one died
Neither yellow fish had this and the boys don't have this. are my boys eating these girls?
What is going on?! all the babies are doing good, the boys are doing good. do i need to add more salt? they are fine in the morning and then dead by night
*sigh* I can't believe she told you that. If your nitrate levels are too high you probably have too many fish. A 10-gallon should have five or maybe six guppies MAX. And that's if you have plants and keep up on water changes.

The fish sound like they're suffering from ammonia burns or something. Get the water tested again...the ammonia or nitrites probably spiked when you added the new fish. Salt won't help...keeping up on water changes and not getting new fish will.

Sorry if this sounds rude at all...that wasn't my intent :). I just hate it when petstores give terrible advice like that so you spend more money :lol:.
grr... now what do i do? i have 17 babies and 3 adult fish.

she was all you have to buy more fish or buy lots of cemicals that if you get wrong amounts it will kill them all.
Yeah, I won't listen to her, that's crazy.

When the babies are a little older I would try to rehome as many as possible. For now they are small enough that they shouldn't have a huge impact on water quality.

Keep up on water changes (how often do you do them?) and make sure that no un-eaten food is left in the tank.

IMO about 98% of aquariums don't need any chemicals besides dechlorinator. I barely even use anything in my marine tank.
GAH the other girl died. when i can tell what boys are boys and what girls are girls i will give my friends the girls and just keep the boys i think.

i wanna get a snail though :confused:
Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

I would wait a while before you get the snail. Being inverts they tend to be even more sensitive to water quality so you want to wait until the tank is nice and stable. Also remember that they can be kinda messy so it's going to "count" as a couple of guppies. But when you do get a snail I'd recommend an Apple Snail :). Those are pretty easy to care for.
they can't have babies on their own can they? my mom says she thinks they do... and i don't wanna deal with 1000's of baby snails too..

is there a better tank cleaner?
Apple Snails? Nah, you need more then one as far as I know. She's probably thinking of pest snails which tend to suddenly multiply to thousands :lol:.

In my opinion, the best "tank cleaner" is you ;). You should never rely on an animal to keep the tank nice and clean...they only help a bit. But if you'd like a great algae eater besides an apple snail then maybe try oto cats or a bristlenose pleco (not any other kind!!!). If you were looking for something to eat un-eaten food then cory cats are probably your best bet...or ghost shrimp.

But please remember that none of them will eat fish waste (regardless of what you're told by petstores)...the only way to remove it completely is through gravel vacuuming. Unless you have a Walstad tank which is a completely different story :lol:. But I don't think you do.
I am sorry you keep losing fish.
Pet stores suck!!!!

My friend just started a tank and has never had fish before.The store she went to told her she could house angels and black moors together,so she was shocked when all the fish died! Angels are warm water and moors are cold for one.
She came to me for advice and I helped her out.Now she has a couple tetras and they are doing good.

It makes me mad that people in pet stores are sooooo dumb!
i don't expect it to really clean the tank. i know i do that.. i have one guppy now, and he is doing really well. he was one of the first 3. if i would have just kept the first 3 i think i would have been fine. i'm going to get my water teseted tomorrow. and possibly get a snail and a fish or 2 depending. just male guppies.

How are snails messy? can i get a different kind of shrimp?

sorry for all the questions i've never really had fish
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