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New foster dog!

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My husband who is against having another dog left to go back to his family for 2 months this summer (he is from saudi and hadn't seen them in 6 years), so i decided to take home a blind schnauzer from work (Work at a humane society). His name is Quin but we had a dog named quin before that was there for months and thats all i can picture so i call him quincey or quizno or quin.

He is blind, i don't know how well he can actually see, he gets around great though, goes up and down stairs with no problem but he runs into things sometimes, always goes to the wrong side of the door and can't find toys. I think he sees better out of one eye than the other.

He and messi get along awesomely. Actually far better than even i expected and i know that messi is the worlds easiest dog. They share toys and bones and the bed and my lap with no problems which is amazing since messi has never had another dog around really.

I don't think you could push messi's buttons to bite a person, and i think the same is true with dogs now, as long as i pick a dog with a easy personality which quin has.

I will post pics later.

I really wish i could keep quin but it looks like i may only get him one more night, as the shelter is dead set on sending him to rescue so he can be in a foster home, even though he is in a foster home :rolleyes:

At this point i want him to go to rescue cause i feel myself border lining a really deep love for him and i don't want to keep him for months and have to give him up.

However, Messi is really starting to be his guide dog, quin puts his nose on messi's backend right before going up stairs, and messi goes and finds him if he gets lost in the house. Its quite inpressive to watch. I really hope he gets a home with another dog because i think he really does well with someone showing him what is going on and they are bonding. Which is another reason i want him to go sooner rather than later, I know he will be leaving but messi and quin won't understand why they are splitting up. :( i don't want them to fully bond and miss their friend.

They are both 3 years old and mesh so well together.
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Very sweet of Messi, surely they already had great bonding time. Please update soon about Quin, wishing a forever loving home for him.
Its really very hard to miss our loved ones,I like your care on your pets thats why you are understanding your pets feelings.
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