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New frog tank

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After a lot of thinking through I decided to switch from ACF to 3 ADF
so I just set up my african dwarf frog tank It looks very bare to me I would love suggestions I know it still needs more pots

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Maybe try some live plants? Hardy low-light species like java ferns would be perfect :).
I have some java moss I'll be adding I just dont know how to attach it
I have some java moss I'll be adding I just dont know how to attach it
I usually just wedge it into place until it attaches. You could also use string or a rubber band to help hold it on :). You can remove the string/band once it's attached.
mines in really bad shape so i'm letting it just lay on the bottom for now. I may have to order more ... if I do I'm thinking about getting flame moss I love the look of it :) I ordered an anubias nana last night to put in since i've heard those are easy and low maintenance :) So right Now I'm just planting the tank :) I've never had a true planted tank before Spots will eat plants and With my bettas I just never thought about it
Flame moss is awesome, I love it. I started with a small bunch in one of my betta tanks and now it forms a neat-looking carpet over the gravel :D.
What kind of lighting do you have?
What kind of lighting do you have?
Compact fluorescent, can't remember the wattage but I can check if you want :).
Looks nice! I have Java Fern and Java Moss in my tank, and I love it. :D Once it's been comfirmed that I'm not slowly killing these plants (Aquatic plants don't usually like me LOL) I definately plan of getting more!
The only thing I would suggest is to get a little clay saucer that you put under a pot (They are less than $1 at Micheals) to use as a little feeding dish for them, so they don't loose their food in the cracks of the rocks.
LOL I keep forgetting to mention I am going to do that lol. I am getting hornwort java moss and fern flame moss and anubias
Just make sure the hornwort doesn't get hot. It's a great plant (easy to care for and fast-growing) but the species prefers cooler temperatures. You may find that it dies back a little in the summer, for example.

I figured I'd warn you because it's frustrating when it dies...the needles get EVERYWHERE. So if the tank starts to get warm for some reason, remove it (at least temporarily). Believe me, I learned this the hard way :lol:.
My tank is in the basement and is currently about 72 good for plants and the frogs even if thats the lower end. I'll watch it though ... I'm gonna plant half and float half
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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