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New Gecko vivs! + My 1st attempt at a planted viv!

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I decided to do some re-arranging, and it worked out so that I will have a little more space in my room, and everyone gets a bigger cage! Except for Dudley and my rabbit. It's physically impossible to give them anything bigger right now LOL!

Here are the leopard gecko's new tanks. They are 24x18x12 Exo Terras, that I got on sale for $68! It has the same floor space as a regular 40 gal tank. The backgrounds looked flimsy and I hated the color, so I repainted them and sealed them with silicone. So far it has held up well to Stella's Spider Gecko adventures.

Stella's viv:

Stanley's viv:

And I'm working on a planted viv for my crestie, Dexter. He won't be moved in for a while yet though.

29 gallon Tetrafauna viv:

Added the false bottom/drainage layer I made from plastic egg crate:

Rocks to disguise it:

A layer of sphagnum peat moss and fir tree fiber:

Plants, then coco fiber on top:

I added some drift wood, but I had to take it out today because it grew mold! :(

My African clawed frog's new 20 gal planted tank on top!

Dudley's viv is my next project... He got some new goodies too!

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Wow, they all look great! :D I can't wait to see how Dexter's new home looks after the plants have grown in. It should be a jungle :).
Thanks! The jungle look was what I was going for, LOL. :D I can't wait to finish decorating everything.
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do you like keeping Geckos too? They look amazing but I'm afraid to touch or hold them. :(

How does it feel?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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