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New Gerbils!!!

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i just wanted to brag about my new birthday present :) hehe
after dropping little "did you know" facts about gerbils for the last month and talking non stop about gerbils my fiance finally got the hint AND to my surprise when i got home today i had 2 new male gerbils sitting in a cage waiting for me :D they are absolutely adorable all black with white feet and SUPER friendly they already step onto my hand :D i absolutely love them beyond belief :D :D cant wait to do some sewing and make them some beds, tunnels and toys i decided to name them Bently and Cooper :D
just needed to tell someone that actually adores animals as much as i do :)
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aww congrads on the new cuties thought of any names yet ?
theyre called bently and cooper (coupe) :) they are adorable... i honestly though that the would be alot like hamsters but they are SOO much diferent <3
Congrats on your gerbils!

I used to have a gerbil and have recently considered getting them again,but not sure when.And yes,they are a lot different from hamsters.When I got mine,I just got one because at the time (years ago) I didn't research and assumed they were solitary animals like hamsters.I would of done things different if I could go back with her.That is why some day I want them again,because I know how to take care of them now.

Don't put too much effort into sewing their little beds... Trust me, they will be completely obliterated with in a week. ;)
I has a gerbil a long time ago too... I adopted her because her sister/cage mate attacked her, and the owner didn't have room for 2 cages. She was always very jumpy and nervous, but I guess that's understandable LOL.
Congrats on your gerbil boys! I am so glad you have two, as they definitely get lonely if they are alone. I love gerbils! My husband and I had two wonderful agouti brothers, Mick and Keith, several years ago and we just loved them so much!! They were such sweetie pies. Definitely different than hamsters, for sure. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. You sound like you will be a great gerbil mommy!
OHHHH Gerbils! I love em! GREAT pets! Yea don't worry about makign their beds perfect...they'll make em perfect themselves! Not the wya you want...but they'll like em. Post pics when you can!
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