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I purchased two guinea pigs. The store had no info on them. I took them to a vet who said I have a girl (rose) and a boy (chewbacca, chewy). They are 4-6 weeks old was the vets guess. They have mites very bad and are being treated with iverfectin shots. They are on antibiotics for skin infection. I had her do a scraping for ringworm. I am very certain they have it. The lab won't be back for ten days. I've decided to treat them proactively with OTC Meds. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have three little boys I've not let around the pigs but I want to get this under control quick. I bought lotromin and I'm rubbing it on bare spots twice a day. Is there anything else I can use? A shampoo?
Also I'd like to report this pet store for knowingly continuing to sell sick pigs. I've told them what our pigs were diagnosed with and they refused to check the other pigs they were in with. I've also seen the employees touch the pugs and then touch other animals. I want to protect the animals there and children who come in and handle these pets.
I bought vit c tabs how do I dose them?
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