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Hey everybody, I'm new here, and since I'm bored, I'll just make a post explaining how I roll :shades:

Well, I'm Ryan, I'm 13 years old, and love animals. I currently have 4 pets, which is very little compared to most people on here.
I usually get a very high amount of posts very fast on forums, because I have very little to no life. And I get bored at school :rolleyes:
But anyways, I love all my pets, and I enjoy hunting and fishing, and animals... and long walks on the beach?

I am a graphic designer, and do graphic design for my school. I mostly just freelance though. My deviantART is on my profile if you want to check out my work

So yeah, I hope I meet a lot of people and make friends!

I also hope I dont spam to much... :spam2:
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