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New homes for the Whos!

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Jigglypuff and Panda got new homes yesterday.

I went to BB&B (bed bath and beyond) and got pretty storage bins with *purple* lids.

Unfort. they are slightly below the recommended 360 square inches of space, but Hopefully later I can add CritterTrail additions by making more holes.

They are happy to be out of their tiny Critter Trail homes though, let me tell you.

I am hoping Panda will calm down a bit with her cage-aggressiveness, and I am hoping poor ailing Jigglypuff can find a pee spot far from her nest.

After the initial freak-out session last night, Both Whos were enjoying themselves in their new space.

As per HH forum, I need to cut out a slit so that I can give Jiggles back her original, bigger wheel. I do not have a stand for it, so I will have to create a whole in which I can fit the "knob" thingie into it and twist it so it holds tight.

As for the water bottles, I just made a small hole that could fit the nozzle of the water bottle, and taped it with clear packaging tape I had laying around. Nothing fancy, but it works.

On Panda's you can see I started drilling 10 holes in rows on the roof, but then as I started an inner row, the drill broke the plastic like a crack in glass. So, it dawned on us if we could cut a small square hole that I could fit my arm into, but that no Who could escape from, that would serve as better ventilation (compared to the original 40 small holes on top) and an easy access point if I wanted to do something and not disturb anyone by taking off the entire roof.

I marvel at my self sometimes :p

The only problem I see thus far is, how will they ask for out when they want out. Before, with the CT, they'd come stand up at the cage door looking out or climbing as if to say "geet me out of hhhereeee!"

In any case, bugs and flaws will be worked out as they arise.

Hopefully that and the CT additions will be done by the end of this long, glorious weekend!

Let me know what you think:

Jigglypuff's now home with a wheel a touch too small.

Panda Bear's home with some bath powder on top of her new wooden hut
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Well, Jiggles has take a turn for the worse and now is in the animal hospital for the long weekend.

Due to having diabetes, her organs apparently are in a constant state of stress. So, right now she has an obstructed abdomen. She is undergoing procedures and is in an oxigen tank thingie for a day or 2.

She went down hill quickly, in about 2 hours from looking happy sleeping to looking really ill laying by her water bottle and breathing heavy. When i lifted her to hold her, she was limp, and cool to the touch. I knew something was up.

When I put her back down, she began frantically moving around with her eyes shut- not even looking, just trying to move. She was in great discomfort.

So, I called the exotic vet she is a patient at. Luckily, they accepted her despite closing for the weekend in 20 minutes. I live less than a mile away, and was able to get her in and seen by Dr. Ness right away. He was very sensitive and careful, and got to work right away.

The bill will be astronomical. but I love her and I am prepared to pay- despite knowing the prognosis is not looking good.

He was able to decompress some pressure before I left, and he let me hold her for 5 minutes alone before he took her back for her stay. He took out her igloo and her wheel and kept them with her in case she wakes up and wants to find something familiar.

Though no one will be around 24-7 for the long weekend, another vet doctor will be coming in morning, noon and evening to tend to her and the other animals that had emergency vet stays. There is a ferret, a guinnea pig and a rabbit also, so they will be checking on multiple animals for the weekend.

Please send good vibes to me and to Jiggles- though I am very upset and sad right now, I feel good about taking her in and giving her the best possible chance.
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For the tops I used hardware cloth since cutting out most of the lid is best
Nice new homes! Can they climb around in there? My hamsters Puff and Button loved climbing!! I restricted their wheel to once every couple of days to avoid wheel dependence :) They were strong hammies.

I'm so sorry to hear of Jigglypuff :( She was a good little ham and you did your best, bless :)
Thanks Purple!

I want to find a way to make it multi level? I wonder how I could accomplish that.

let me know if you have ideaas!
I have ideas but before I tell you I just want to mention hamsters are not actually built to take a fall and only some like climbing they are more burrowers who climb when they need more space or are bored though a select few (compared to the total number of hamsters) do actually like climbing like Sadi but if you put in a level a would make it about 4-6inches off the floor Of the cage with a sloping ramp just drill holes and put about 3-4 pegs and attach the level on them

Also just as kind of a warning story I let kodi explore on his old shelving system and since he usually doesn't jumP I let my bf watch him and kodi slipped and fell and couldn't move his back legs foralmost 20 mins we thought he broke his back so that's why I am stressing be careful I dont want you to go through that
oh yea! I forget they don't have tails!! lol They're pretty clumsy some of the time. Other than that, a soft short fall wont harm them. Like Elli said, a couple inches is all you need, a couple ropes, ramps, ladders. I held most of mine with shoestring (lack of money)
I wouldnt even do ropes I save those for my climbers but ramps and ladders could be fun and I know Sadi would love them :)
Wouldn't hurt to try them. I had hams that absolutely loved them. Short in length and not high up. Because of their clumsiness, this would do. If you don't want to try it, that's fine. . . I try.
Purple do u have a picture so I could see what you're talking about??:)
Its not that they are * clumsy* its that they are ground animals not climbers so they are not built for it ...

And you saw the low rope in Moki's cage? I think thats all she is saying
Well anyway, I have added a CT extension to Panda Bear's house. It now has to sit on the "animal" couch, but I think it's pretty good!

If the plastic hadn't split, it would have been another hour or so to get the cut circle big and smooth enough. But since the plastic split, we just gotta "jimmy" it in there and it stays!

And of course, true to Panda self, Panda is loving her CT extension better than her bin right now...! And, now she has a gate on which to climb and/or ask out with.

Yay Panda!!, what to do with the other cage? (I think it's time for another Who)
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I sent you the one link for one in your area ... and you could just give panda it all ...

Also you may consider shelving or something so they dont have to just sit on things :)
I don't have any pictures of Puff bc I was 17 at the time and didn't have a camera. Button, while I have pics they're not really of the cage. I might have one around (I'll look) but I photographed him outside the cage on the bed a lot and tables and stuff. I for sure don't have digi pics of Button!

I don't know what rope Elli is talking about but Ill see if I can google a pic :) Hang on. . .
Thank you purple!!! Those sites gave me some ideas O.O
Anytime :) Like I mentioned, I don't like the idea of having a wheel in the cage all the time. I have seen hamsters totally and irrationally obsessed with the wheels. To the point of not wanting to come out and play :< So I vowed to never allow it! :)

PS, in your siggy you look like Bif Naked!!
haha that's a new one.. thanks :D
Well I haven't been able to get new toys as of yet, but midnight tonight I get paid!

Anyway, I've updated Panda's and Smee's (formally Jigglypuff's house) houses.

Soon I'll add the CT extension to Smee's house, but I need to figure out how I will have it as it would not fit on the mushroom chair anymore.



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You saw the shelving units I use I think they would greatly help you :) Its like 6 foot long but its great for cages and supplies :D and actually saves you space.
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