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New little friend :)

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Well, I went to the reptile expo this morning and I ended up with a little crestie! He was hatched Oct 2011, and I got him from Garrick DeMeyer. He is a little pin stripe and he weighs a tiny 13g! I'll change that in no time though!
Someone beat me to the only garg at the show (also from Garrick), but I guess that gargs really enjoy pooping on people so I just went with this little guy instead. He was the only one that actually let me hold him- The others were complete spazzes LOL.

Here he is on our way home from the expo! I'm thinking of naming him Oliver/Ollie

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Did you get to see any lizards like the Russian legless lizard, Red eyed crocodile skink, or Fire skink?
There were a couple different skinks there, but they had a really small selection of lizards for some reason. It was mostly snakes and frogs. There was one table with some lovely beardies, a table with some collard lizards and skinks, and a few monitors and tegus, and of course the leopard geckos. I got there an hour after the show started, and there were only 4 male cresties left at one booth!
...and so the addiction gets worse! ;)

Q: How many lizards are enough?
A: Just one more!

Haha, exactly! I think I'll be good for a while, and then... :p

Here are some more pictures of the little dude:

His current 10 gallon tank. When he gets older he will get something bigger and nicer!
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Congrats! :D Cresteds are better than Gargs, you won't regret it! I love both species but Cresteds are better for handling IMO and they climb more, making them interesting to watch and build terrariums for :).
Thanks! So far he is an absolute sweetie! He is still really calm, so I'm glad I ended up getting him! I still don't know what to call him though... any ideas?
Thanks! :D
he is wayy adorable his face and eyes are very pretty!
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