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I am not sure you guys saw it but yesterday Cleo's cagemate passed so i hurried and found someone willing to let me pick up two girls to introduce to her. because how badly she was reacting to being alone I went ahead and put them in my bin cage which chloe and Cleo were not living in so it went fine. This morning I found that the two new girls were on one side of the cage and cleo in the big house by herself.

These three are all Very nervous girls no fights or anything just walking up sniffing muzzles so i moved them into a smaller cage so they can not avoid each other it may look cruel but its only until they sleep together which shouldnt take very long. But I have a surprise for them when they do bond :) I put A LOT more climbing toys in the bigger cage for them :) And a pretty Pink Hammock :)

These two new girls are also fosters they are not actually mine.
You'll recognize cleo in the pictures but the others dont have names

I love that the black one has a half white half black tail

I believe the red eyed girl is a Lilac

So far the bonding cage is working :)

Teeny Bonding cage :(

Their actual cage :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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