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new mouse is a total jerk...wat do?

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So I had one mouse, she's really young, I think, judging by her size, named Diesel. She's very docile, loves being held, doesn't make a lot of noise, etc. So I figured I'd get her a friend. I got a larger grey one, and we named her Snickerdoodle. I can't take her out of her cage, or else she bites, hard, hard enough to draw a lot of blood. She jumps out of my hand or off my bed and scurries into corners, so I have to leave her in her cage all the time, otherwise I'll lose her. But when she's in the cage, she's a complete monster. She's constantly pushing her food bowl up against the wall and making a huge racket, or crawling on the bars of the cage and biting them, or chewing holes in Diesel's house. I've trained Diesel to come when I call her and not to stray far when I let her out, but Snickerdoodle just doesn't have any respect for me and refuses to listen to me, and if her racket keeps up, I'm going to have to get rid of her, because the walls here are paper thin and she's driving my landlord insane. What do I do? D:
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Do you have them both in the same cage? If so, I'd definitely recommend removing the new mouse asap. She could very well be stressed out by her new environment and the presence of Diesel--and all of that could stress Diesel, too. If they are already in separate cages, I'd recommend taking it very slowly with her and let her get used to your presence before you start trying to pick her up. If she is chewing a lot, she might also be bored, so be sure to give her plenty of toys and hiding places/crawling/climbing spaces to use as entertainment. Mice are very inquisitive, and females tend to be more active anyway.
Thanks; they get along great now. They won't go anywhere without the other, actually. ^^
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